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Index of Arcs in chronological order.

There is a partial summary of events linked from the Useful Notes document.

Act I (2011)

J-Team Assemble Saga

These arcs chronicle the codification of the J-Team as a concept:

1. Sinnoh Arc
2. PMD Arc #1
3. Hoenn Mini-Arc
4. Unova Arc
5. Oblivia Arc
6. Fiore and Almia Arc
7. Gold Conference Arc

Upheaval Saga

An arc so groundshaking it needed a saga all its own:

8. Alternate Timeline Arc

Act II (2011-2013)

Aftershock Saga

These arcs deal with the immediate aftermath of the AU Arc:

9. Orange Islands Arc
10. Hoenn 2011 Arc
11. Infinity Keystone Arc | Kanjoh-1 Arc

Paths Saga

These arcs deal with the J-Team being split:

12. PMD Returns Arc
13. Kanjoh-2 Arc | PEFE Arc | Return to AU Arc

Cipher Saga

These Arcs chronicle the J-Team's fight against Cipher:

14. Unova-2 Arc | Return to AU Arc
15. Holon Arc | Conquest Arc | Return to AU Arc
16. Orre Arc | Return to AU Arc

Act III (2014-2017)

Recovery Saga

These Arcs entail the struggles the J-Team had in the aftermath of the Orre Arc:

17. Kalos Arc | Return to AU Arc
18. Ranger-2 Arc | Return to AU Arc
19. Johto Mini-Arc | Return to AU Arc
20. Hoenn-2 Arc | Return to AU Arc
21. Re: Glitch Arc | Pokésona Arc

Act IV (2017-2019)

Rebirth Saga

These arcs entail the J-Team's reformation following the Re: Glitch Arc:

22. Alola Arc | Pokésona Arc
23. Entralink Arc | Pokésona-2 Arc

Act V (2020-Present)

J-Dan Saga

24. Galar Arc | Pokésona-2 Arc

Planned Arcs

  • Separation Arc (?)
  • Kalos-2 Arc (?)
  • Touhou Arc

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