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Crush is DS' Carracosta.


For some odd reason, Crush acts like a dog.

Abilities in battle

His ability is Solid Rock.


In his previous life as a Tirtouga, Crush was friends with an Archen, whom he used to go on adventures with. The two were caught up in a rough storm, in which the Archen had somehow gotten herself stuck on a rock in the middle of the ocean, and Crush attempted to save her. But sadly, the Archen was washed away by a wave before he could reach her, and Crush himself was knocked out, both of them dying.

The young Tirtouga was revived from a fossil later on, that DS found on Unova Route 4. Crush had no recollection of his previous life when he was revived.

In the AU

Crush didn't exist in the alternate timeline because he had never been revived from his fossil. However, after the timeline split, DS was able to track down his fossil and have him revived. It is unknown whether he is a Tirtouga or a Carracosta at this point.

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