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"Dad, I liked the sun..."

Leaflet is Forte's Leafeon.


  • Age: 3
  • Birthday: November 4
  • Nature: Gentle
  • Ability: Leaf Guard
  • Met: Route 3 (Egg)
  • Ball: Poké
  • Favorite move: Sunny Day
  • Likes: Sunlight, peace and quiet
  • Dislikes: Snow, disturbing others


Leaflet is a soft-spoken, shy, and kind mon. Unlike his father, he does not like snow and cold, which occasionally leads to disagreements between the two. However, he does not like upsetting peoplemons and thus will usually stay silent in a debate.

Abilities in Battle

Leaflet is the most physical-oriented member of Forte's team, and knows a number of physical attack moves. He can also use Sunny Day to help not only himself, but his teammates Fireball and Shadow as well. While he has very strong physical attack and defense, he has weak special stats.

Known moves:

  • TypeGrass.gif Razor Leaf, Leaf Blade, Synthesis, Grasswhistle
  • TypeNormal.gif Quick Attack
  • TypeFire.gif Sunny Day
  • TypeSteel.gif Iron Tail
  • TypeBug.gif X-Scissor


Before he started on his journey, Forte decided that he wanted to have a full team of all seven Eeveelutions. He decided to breed Icicle with his parents' Ditto to make this team. Leaflet was the fourth Eevee hatched this way.


  • Once ran away from Forte, causing Icicle to reconsider his Team Glacier plan. The two have since reconciled.


Leaflet is the third youngest of Icicle's six children.

In the AU

Leaflet is a Flareon in the AU and goes by the name Ashlet. After Forte died, he and Fireball hid out in Castelia City, and they have been living there as strays ever since.

Forte's Team
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