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Pankaja is Tangent's Wooper. Tangent got him and Abigail together as eggs from the PEFE labs.

He has a fairly naive personality, and has a very strong affinity for bubbles. Do NOT pop a bubble in his presence.


  • Pankaja knows all his level-up moves by now, but is not especially interested in evolving

Events of Note

Tangent's Team
On Hand : Basket357Mini.pngPankaja194Mini.pngRosary123Mini.pngLua156Mini.pngCephas074Mini.pngRufus552Mini.pngFuego105aMini.png
With Team Nova : Abby584Mini.png
Has Previously Borrowed : Thresher598Mini.png (from Tagg)
Alternate Universe (unofficially) : Basket357Mini.pngBarley357Mini.pngMint and Boldo357Mini.pngZoroarks Red and Blue571Mini.png
Another Universe : Roxy359Mini.pngCuyahoga006Mini.pngSam022Mini.pngBlenda405Mini.png
As last seen in: Entralink Arc