Sylvestre Macraul

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Name: Sylvestre Macraul
Nickname: -
Gender: Male
Sexuality: -
Age: 24
Height: {{{height}}}
Ethnicity: white
Birthday: Unknown
Trainer ID: -
Home: Kalos, Unova
Pokéform: Unknown
Starter: Arthur

Sylvestre Macraul is a lesser-known scion of the infamous Macraul Family, a clan of wealthy aristocrats from Kalos who are heavily invested in collecting all manner of strange artifacts. Currently an art collector in Castelia City in Unova, Sylvestre himself styles himself as an art connoisseur and playboy, hanging out with other socialites and claiming to collect "conquests" (though those who know him say these claims are exaggerated) and the avant garde. His eccentricities (far from deviant to the family's work, but terrible for their reputation) have made him a de facto pariah among the Macrauls, who couldn't even be bothered to disown him simply because he's too much work. The family patriarch, Paul, finds this particular nephew to be extremely grating.

Sylvestre is named for his mysterious ancestor, Sylvestra, whose history is shrouded in all manner of rumors.