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June 4

June 5

  • Team Taxonomy and company end up visiting the Octopolis underground in order to find some iPhokex parts from an electronics store.

June 10

June 15

Abby and Rojos accept a mission to take a monster out.

June 20

  • Abby gets injured by a WerePiloswine after accepting Cyndassa's mission, who turns out to be her younger brother.

June 25

-Abby completes her transformation into a weresow.

June 30

  • Tangent and N visit Dragonspiral tower in Otherverse
  • Umbra and Lina go to Almer(Alto-Mare) in PMD B
  • Hatchet goes to Nimbasa City in PMD B
  • Straw's mons meet AU!Eskay
  • The people at what was PEFE in PMD-B make some progress in fixing the generator

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