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The WAAPT Forum is a web-based forum for the WAAPT Community, differing from TVTropes which is a larger community WAAPT is only a minor offshot of. The forum in its 2018 incarnation is located at http://forum.waapt.tropi.us/ . It has its own userlist and registration policy and has two primary sections: a WAAPT-specific continuity section for eg.: side stories, and a non-WAAPT writing section for related projects not directly affiliated to WAAPT.

Information for Users


Just like with the wiki, Open Registration is disabled. Members who want to get an account can contact any of the community sysops / mods in order to get the account name. Once an account is made users can post in any of the sections.


  • WAAPT-RP Related Content
    • in-RP / in-character threads
    • discussion / meta threads
  • Non-WAAPT Content
    • in-character threads
    • discussion threads
  • Other Threads


The forum supports a basic form of BBCode including:


As well as a few additions specific for interacting with other media in the WAAPT Community:

   [EVIL]Evil Text[/EVIL]
   [color=red]Colored text[/color]
   [post=12345]Direct link to post[/post]
   [h] Heading [/h]
   !! TVTropes-like Heading

There is a compiled help thread with more formatting information.

Information for Managers


The forum runs on the punBB forum software. There is a plan to either start a new forum or perform a migration to the more widely supported phpBB.

Forum operators include User:VeniaSilente, User:Sixthhokage1 and User:Tangent128.