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Woolly is Luke's Ampharos. She was captured as a Mareep on Route 32 while Luke was on his Pokémon journey across Johto, after stopping to rest under a tree, only to have her jump out and land on him. Upon being asked why she was jumping out of trees in the first place, she stated that she was "trying to fly like a cloud."

Although she was rather...quirky, Woolly was a huge asset for the team all throughout the tour of Johto. She quickly evolved into a Flaaffy, and an Ampharos soon afterwards, making her a true force to be reckoned with, her powerful electrical attacks being enough to devastate any opponent who couldn't resist them.

At the beginning of WAAPT, Woolly would have best been described as "delightfully quirky." Since then, perhaps as a result of all the things she had seen as a member of the group, she has matured into being much less silly and childish, yet still maintaining her bright personality. Although she is on friendly terms with pretty much everyone, she is especially close to Unite, who she is currently in a relationship with.

Family wise, Woolly's only known relative is Yarn, her older brother who took it upon himself to raise Woolly after their parents died of illness shortly after she was born.

Battle Style

Of all the Pokémon on Luke's team, Woolly is second only to Lake in terms of battle ability. Preferring to use Special Attacks, even a single Thunderbolt from her can be enough to K.O most Pokémon in one blow. If that doesn't work, or her opponent is otherwise immune to electric attacks, she'll use Signal Beam or the inaccurate but devastating Focus Blast instead. She also knows a wide variety of support moves, such as Cotton Guard, Thunderwave and Heal Bell, making her versatile as well as powerful.

All in all, Woolly is one dragon-sheep you wouldn't want to mess with.

Known Moves

  • TypeElectric.gif Magnet Rise, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunderpunch, Thunderwave
  • TypeBug.gif Signal Beam
  • TypeFighting.gif Focus Blast
  • TypeGrass.gif Cotton Guard
  • TypeNormal.gif Heal Bell, Protect, Safeguard


  • Beat the Johto League with the rest of Luke's Team, earning her a place in the Hall of Fame.
  • Battled against Ho-oh during Luke's Johto journey, and lasted the second longest out of all the members of the team, just behind Lake.
  • Has battled against Red and won. TWICE.
  • Won several battles in the Gold Conference with Luke, before their loss to Tagg.
  • Helped the Resistance liberate Unova from Artemis and Anom's Scolipede in the AU arc.
  • Protected Pleo from Ferno's group of Delta Pokemon in the Orange Islands.
  • Assisted in the search for Dintel, and the raid on the Neo Team Magma base in the Mirage Tower in the Hoenn arc.
  • Deciphered the BAAA! signal from the Space Ampharos.
  • (offscreen) Met the Space Ampharos.

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