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Non-Galvanic Bracelets

The Non-Galvanic bracelets have a problem: What feasible way could they be bottlenecked to prevent abuse or overuse, but also allow them to be available when needed? I have a two ideas right now: One "hard", one "soft". Any possible expansions or addendum can be placed below. Signatures not needed, but appreciated. Also, critiques. This is bound to be a long process, and getting bad ideas out of the way sooner leads to smoother roads. - Dune

  • The "Hard" Idea: The Non-Galvanic bracelets are tied to an outside force to draw energy from. Either as the "luminous aether" variety or "ley line" variety, this would mean that only a limited number can be created in one space before the "energy" is drained. I, however, am loath to even suggest that a Legendary could be tied to them.
  • The "Soft" Idea: Galvani discovers a "United Shenanigans Theorem" that states that too many shenanigans, such as her NG bracelets, can lead to the devaluing of humor and the collapse of society. Thus, Galvani would outright deny making any NG bracelets that she believes would put the "World shenanigan balance" at risk. A very "meta", but also somewhat in-character reason for the creation of them to be limited.

Galvanic Bracelets Glitches: Inconvenient or Impossible?

Should the glitches of the true Galvanic bracelets be irritating but rarely obstructive, annoyances that make them somewhat frustrating, or full-blown obstacles that require planning? Since bracelets can't be used by more than one person, to what extent should the person with the bracelet be restricted in its use? Should there be a blanket difficulty, or should it be on a case-by-case basis? Should, with enough time, these glitches be worked out or possibly replaced?

  • Key2tkingdom: I like the idea of glitches, as it gives an added layer of conflict to continue after the initial conflict (the reason for getting the bracelet in the first place) is resolved. And since each bracelet is unique, the glitches should be decided on a case by case basis. However, I also believe the glitches shouldn't require extensive planning to trigger transformations, but they should at least be inconvenient to each personmon the bracelet was made for. (i.e. 'being hit by a Water Gun from a shiny female Squirtle while standing next to a grandfather clock as it sounds 3:30 a.m.' as a glitch is a bit much; but 'being hit by a Water Gun attack by a Squirtle' OR 'being near a clock sounding the time' as trigger wouldn't be too much.
    • As for the working out of the glitches; I believe that glitches shouldn't ever fully be worked out - otherwise it would be a modern day Armband. My suggestion is the that the glitches gets worked out, the glitch becomes a more convenient version of the original glitch. As an example; Galvani's bracelet's glitch is "direct skin to skin contact with Dune - and possibly and activation phrase - is required for the bracelet to activate". The next step up would be 'direct contact with something is/was/has been a part of Dune's body (e.g. a strand of hair) - and a possibly a activation phrase - is needed for the bracelet to activate'. The third step up would be 'direct contact with something that belongs to, or has belonged to Dune (e.g. a scrap of an old shirt) - and a possibly a activation phrase - is needed for the bracelet to activate'. This can continue until the best it can possibly get -in my opinion- 'saying an activation phrase while having a mental image of Dune is required for the bracelet to activate'. This example would allow Galvani to overcome the need of physically having Dune or something next to her to transform, but is still inconvenient enough to cause problems for drama, comedy, plot, or other purposes.