Colton’s Mindscape

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Colton’s Mindscape is a black limbo with a glowing dome in the middle of it. The ground in the dome carries out across the infinite plane.

Inside of the dome resides the Aspects, all sitting around a massive circular table with a holographic display of everything happening around Colton.



Colton’s knowledge in a form that looks like Colton himself, albeit wearing a lab coat instead of his trademark gray jacket. He has no regard for other people’s feelings, ready to spout off facts at any opportunity.

He is offset by Insecurity and Strategist.


Colton’s understanding of Pokémon battles and social interactions, in the form of his host wearing a T-Shirt emblazoned with his original team of six, headphones around his neck and basketball shorts. He overanalyzes everything, however, detracting Colton’s focus.

He is offset by Talbain and Smartass


Much like Strategist, Otaku exists to make sense of the world, but by comparing everything to media. He wears a lampshade-emblazoned shirt, has unkempt hair and is rather soft-spoken unless it’s his turn.

He is offset by Strategist and Realism.


The part of Colton that exists only for his job, however he helps to navigate technology outside of the workplace. He bears the most resemblance to his host with the exception of his jacket instead being a blazer.


The easily excitable team pet, Talbain is the representation of his Pokéform, curious and irritable. He is also a representation of Colton’s affectionate tendencies when prompted. Unlike the other aspects, he sits underneath the holographic display.

He is offset by Realism and Inferiority.


A new addition to Colton, with clothes modeled after Keldeo, and a personality designed to never give up in the face of adversity.

He is offset by Insecurity and Inferiority.


Realism wears a business suit, does not have emotions and merely recaps events with dry emotion. He mostly exists to keep his host from having to deal with anguish through cold silence.

He is offset by Talbain and Insecurity.


Insecurity is the most paranoid of Colton’s aspects, looking over every detail constantly, double and triple checking everything so as not to have things go wrong.

He is offset by Strategist and Ambition.


Inferiority takes the form of a tweenage Colton, too nervous to do anything directly but always ready to make Colton step down for fear of failure.

He is offset by Ambition and Talbain.


Jacket is a crystalline man wearing Colton’s trademark jacket. He is representative of Colton’s Attribute and also has the ability to override the group by making his host perform a Legendary Facepalm. He guards the dome silently.


  • Word of God is the room is modeled as a mixture of both Inside Out and Dr. Strangelove.