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This section archives relevant events in the roleplay by date to assist in finding information, sorted in terms of Eastern Standard Time or UTC-5.

Past major events in the roleplay can be found in the Recap Page, which is usually quite out of date.

Compare and contrast the Arc Index and the Background Lore Index.

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  • [TS]: Time-shenanigan'd
  • [AU]: Taking place in the AU.
  • [Meta]: Real-world event.


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Previously On: July 2018

August 1

August 2

  • [Meta] AbsentCoder turns 17.

August 3

August 4

August 5

August 6

  • [Meta] Keys2tkingdom's 35th birthday.
  • Lily Thane's agent follows up on an minor dimensional rift.
  • Ren turns 35.
  • Colton defeats Candice and earns the Icicle Badge, and later the Beacon Badge, Warner evolving to Staraptor in the process.
  • In the future, Aria and Oscar Clavis find an artifact bearing the symbols of the Temporal Dragons.
  • Caretaker is nicknamed.
  • In the present, Aria and Oscar crash the artifact into Ren's pool and reveal who they are to him, delivering Ren's annual unsettling birthday news.

August 7

  • Lila beats Hala's grand trial, obtaining the Fightinium-Z and a Z-Ring, with Whimsy evolving into Gyarados in the process.

August 8

  • Nothing much happened.

August 9

August 10

August 11

August 12

August 13

August 14

August 15

  • [TS] Colton challenges Cynthia, but loses.
  • Shutter visits the Lumiose City Gendarmerie and presents his analysis to Officer Jenny of the doctored footage to clear Kael's reputation. Meanwhile Tommy is stuck on editing duty and is on the phone ostensibly for editing assistance and to ask odd questions like "what does J- in J-Team stand for?"

August 16

August 17

  • Whiptail and her accomplices carry out a heist at the Lumiose Game Corner.

August 18