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This section archives relevant events in the roleplay by date to assist in finding information, sorted in terms of Eastern Standard Time or UTC-5.

Past major events in the roleplay can be found in the Recap Page, which is usually quite out of date.

Compare and contrast the Arc Index and the Background Lore Index.

Please remember to add a corresponding link to an event if possible.

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  • [TS]: Time-shenanigan'd
  • [AU]: Taking place in the AU.
  • [Meta]: Real-world event.


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Previously On: June 2021

July 1

July 2

July 3

July 4

  • [TS] US Independence Day.
  • J-Teamers gather for Silas and Hacks' shared 26th birthday party.

July 5

July 6

  • [TS] The Thieves start interrogating Daniel about his employers and how he got his abilities.
  • Tagg learns from Mustard that in order for Rakshasa to Gigantamax he needs something sweet to stomach the Max Soup.
  • [TS] Vana decides to return to the School to keep them from chasing after her.
  • Megan and co decide to commit to helping Ever with their emotion issues.
  • Ever meets with Mallory again.

July 7

  • [TS] Tagg is told that his final battle will be with Mustard at full strength.
  • [TS] Lita asks for help from Tesse.
    • Des finds himself captured by another Des.

July 8

July 9

July 10

  • [TS] Logan and Hiro tell Tagg what they've been up to.

July 11

  • [TS] Daniel tells the Thieves that while he technically works independently, he gained his powers from his employer.
  • Shaun obtains the Gloom Dusters from Isbrand.

July 12

  • [TS] Justicar!Des explains how he controls the world.

July 13

  • Nothing much happened.

July 14

July 15

July 16

  • Ferrum makes a speech to Radon about how right and wrong are merely illusions.

July 17

July 18

  • Apple-A-Day reveals to Lissa that they know Percy and implies they revived their fossils.
  • Tendril evolves to Tangrowth while Tagg is forced to deal with rabid fans.
  • A J-Team movie is shown to be in the works.

July 19

  • [TS] Rogue spells out Rosemaster and co's poor logic.

July 20

  • [TS] Silas defeats Gabriel, but he turns out to have survived.
  • Tagg battles Mustard.

July 21

July 22

  • [TS] A mysterious Dialga-masked man enters the proceedings of the Hammerlocke battle.
  • [TS] Rakshasa defeats the other Urshifu, with the Two Masters agreeing to join the Legendary Council.

July 23