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This section archives relevant events in the roleplay by date to assist in finding information, sorted in terms of Eastern Standard Time or UTC-5.

Past major events in the roleplay can be found in the Recap Page, which is usually quite out of date.

Compare and contrast the Arc Index and the Background Lore Index.

Please remember to add a corresponding link to an event if possible.

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  • [TS]: Time-shenanigan'd
  • [AU]: Taking place in the AU.
  • [Meta]: Real-world event.


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Previously On: August 2023

September 1

September 2

September 3

  • [TS] Ira and Truth defeat Deepest Self and continue their conquering of Channah's Mindscape.
  • Lydia tells Iridium a bit of her backstory.
    • Following their meeting, Iridium meets up with Trill and spots some Team Star students.

September 4

  • [TS] Iridum "convinces" Lydia to let her join Team Star.

September 5

  • Chiyo battles Totem Marowak, Pisaster having been revealed to have evolved to Starmie offscreen.

September 6

  • The news reports on an unseasonable snowstorm in Artazon.

September 7