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This section archives relevant events in the roleplay by date to assist in finding information.

Past major events in the roleplay can be found in the Recap Page, which is usually quite out of date.

Compare and contrast the Arc Index and the Background Lore Index.

Currently Playing

  • Entralink Arc
    • Breath of the Wild miniarc


  • [TS]: Time-shenanigan'd
  • [AU]: Taking place in the AU.
  • [Meta]: Real-world event.


Previously On: November 2017

December 1

  • [TS] The Dreamblight is defeated.
  • [TS] Brie fights a Grunt in spectacular fashion before being saved by Skyfire.
  • Ludmilla arrives to take on Hapu only to learn that Mina's finalized her trial, so she heads over to Mina's house to start it.
  • [TS] Kaito attempts to threaten the guards into surrendering.
  • Orlandeau learns from Owen about Blitz's transformation abilities.
  • Tagg asks Uxie for advice regarding his and the J-Team's villain troubles, and is given a cryptic warning regarding said enemies possibly being closer than he thinks.
  • Ever and Other!Every spy on PEFE!Every and Marslie, learning that they've finished work on a Project Fenrir.

December 2

  • [TS] A Neo-Flare Grunt gets their Infinity Ball broken and gets their just desserts.
  • Ever informs Tagg that he and Every (?) have tracked down PEFE!Every, but their attempts to make dream contact with her do not go well. Tagg also informs Echo about finding her.
  • [TS] While Jean's egg hatches into a green Rockruff and she chases after it in an active battlefield, Team Umbra reunites with their mons, only to have to fight a Best Berry secret weapon, a Celesteela, eventually overcoming the guards.
  • [TS] The Groundblight is defeated.

December 3

  • [TS] Sol discovers files detailing the Mobius Society's involvement with Best Berry.
  • [TS] Kaito attempts to diffuse the static trap, barely managing to beat the thermite.
  • [TS] Dr. Multiman learns from Owen about PEFE!Every's kidnapping.
  • [TS] It's revealed that the Infinity Balls can kill their mons if used for too long.
  • [TS] The Aggron from before joins with the party.
  • Lucius decides to try finding Cipher in the Battle Zone.
  • Tagg, Echo, Ever, and Every (?) head to the warehouse and are taken prisoner by PEFE!Every.
    • They finally come face to face with Marslie and are introduced to Project Fenrir.
    • After an explanation of its capabilities, Marslie decide PEFE!Every has outlived her usefulness, and send their mons to kill her, as Project Fenrir attempts to kill Victini, starting the battle.
    • Project Fenrir's name is revealed to be Unigma

December 4

  • [TS] The raiders reach Floor B2, where they're attacked by Neo-Flare scientists who are easily dispatched.
  • Liam approaches Kaito about how Lucius has been missing the past couple days.
  • Mao defeats the larger than normal Snorlax, evolving into Malamar in the process.
  • [TS] While Giselle and Trina grab some balls from storage, Molph explains how the Hyul grew proud due to their technology and how Jester destroyed them.
  • [TS] Mew is revealed to have been sleeping in Echo's bag the whole time.
  • [TS] Following some guesswork, Brie's knocking reveals Lex's private quarters.
  • Doradon reappears to stop one Larry the Conniving from murdering Ludmilla and Deziree as they Mantine Surf to the next island.
  • [TS] Unigma's ability is revealed to be Hyper Scale.
  • [TS] Gudrunn informs Molph that she and Leeya once visited Hyul Island long after Jester had killed off everyone and reverse-engineered its technology.
  • Zoroarks Red and Blue reappear.
  • [TS] Gudrunn texts everyone to inform them about Jester using them.

December 5

  • [TS] Mew manages to turn Marslie into Mew by accident, before Ever has Unigma kill Martin and Leslie gets killed by teleporting away while PEFE!Every's teleport disruptor is still in effect.
  • [TS] Unigma dies from his injuries soon afterwards.
  • [TS] The raiders finally meet Lex, and force him into a surrender.
  • Pianis turns 24.
  • Tagg informs the rest of the PEFE about Marslie's passing.
  • Since Mallow gets too high on Aromatherapy, Ludmilla battles Lana and defeats her handily with Anastasia.
  • PEFE!Every contemplates her life choices regarding creating Unigma, and has his corpse teleported to one of PEFE HQ's morgues, before reading the texts made by Ever, Tagg, and Echo as they tried to help her.

December 6

  • Diane asks Psyche for advice on proposing to Skye.
  • Lucius has the Pawniard Army invade Verax's Resort Area base, and after having EDI install the 0-Worm confronts Verax personally. Verax... does not react well after Lucius tries to shoot him and then beats him up.
  • A portal opens, releasing the Armbeetle as well as two other people.
  • Lilac tells Ever and PEFE!Every the tale of how Leslie learned her true heritage and how Lilac scarred her shortly after she joined Team Iron. They also figure out that they're descended from Revy having a nonconsensual encounter with her.
  • Kuu, creator goddess of Emzia appears at the Entralink.
  • An Alolan Dugtrio tells Ludmilla and Deziree the tale of how the Mother of Alola, a Heatran, created the islands and even altered their species' form to give them their golden metallic locks.
  • Ludmilla battles Kiawe and after an impromptu battle with Hiker David, Sandynix evolves into an Alolan Marowak.
  • Iggy is revealed to have beaten Mallow's trial and gained Chara the Salandit offscreen, and finds out that her Stoutland Ride Pokémon is actually the Greater Dog.
  • PEFE!Every finally hands Ever his new ivory arm to replace the one lost to the Kartana.
  • Diane tells Noelle that she plans to propose to Skye.
  • As Zrone appears to try taking PEFE!Every back, Verax's group learns that Lucius' stunt has set them back weeks due to eliminating info gained from the Neo-Flare Raid.
    • Ever manages to bluff Zrone into letting them go.
  • [TS] JD reluctantly betrays the rest of the group and sets robots on them, only for Maria von Boehm and Marcus C. Rothschild to pull a Big Damn Villains moment, revealing that Constantin has been surrounding himself with sycophants and no longer needs them.
  • The Hyul group fights a Dekarule corrupted by the Purple Sword.
  • Ryklys asks Tagg to gather J-Team members to help her fight pirates in Alola.
  • PEFE!Every catches Dazzle.

December 7

  • Mason tells Rose about the events of the Neo-Flare raid, and later tries catching Evan Septimius, only to find that doesn't work since he's not actually a Pokémon.
  • Natalie gets attacked by a Cipher Peon (?) calling themselves Bishop with a Shadow Golisopod, but Cyrus rescues her.
  • Cid has a dream.
  • Verax informs Tagg about Lucius setting them back, but the two agree to keep things quiet from the rest of the J-Team for the time being.
  • After finding the Nimbasa Gym too triggering for her agoraphobia, PEFE!Every challenges the Driftveil Gym, eventually winning despite some screw-ups.
  • [TS] Mason gives Volpe the cliff notes version of the Neo-Flare base raid during the debriefing.
  • Feeling that he'll have no friends in the J-Team once news gets out, Lucius decides to join with Team Iron.
  • [TS] Tagg decides with Volpe's input to put Lex and Anka under house arrest at PEFE HQ as part of a deal with Interpol in order to figure out a way to counteract Neo-Flare's Infinity Tech and save mons from the Infinity Ball's negative side effects.
  • Ryklys has those who answered her text gather at Hau'oli.
    • Said pirates are revealed to be mon pirates from another universe belonging to a certain fic.
  • Volpe comes to see Shun as he recovers in the hospital from his injuries.
  • Owen tells Izaya that he thinks he's up to no good and that he doesn't trust him at all.
  • [TS] Giselle tells Tagg to keep an eye on Umbra since he'll be important for far more multiversal crises down the line.
  • [TS] Tagg extrapolates from Lex that Constantin purposely put the Neo-Flare Unova base in the same area as Anom's Yanmega's grave simply to spite him.
  • [TS] Lex mentions that he and Anka discovered that slowly released amounts of Infinity Energy can heal instead of harm, but also that Constantin's currently using it.

December 8

December 9

  • [TS] Hess purposely breaks the ballast of his ship in order to give Ryklys' group a time limit to get the stuff they stole from Malie back.
  • Mason introduces Evan to Echo.
  • Ever and PEFE!Every have a double battle against Kaito and Gabe for Kuu to watch.
  • Bishop and several other members of Lucius's team leave him after his official induction into Team Iron.
  • [TS] Volpe reveals to Shun that he became a father at 18 due to overestimating the effects of hormone treatments on fertility.
  • Ludmilla's Cleffa is named Porrima.
  • Ezran and Jeremiah turn out to have been eavesdropping on Verax and Paula.

December 10

December 11