WAAPT Disciplinary Policy

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Being A Jerk

  • What constitutes being a jerk?

Anything including but not limited to harassment, direct/indirect insulting of the people here (Which would include passive-aggressive sniping), wiki vandalism, and willful defiance of Every's Essay and the Tone Essay in general, and the more meta portions in particular.

  • What happens if I am a jerk?

You will be told you are being a jerk. If you continue being a jerk after being warned by the mods to stop repeatedly, including with three-day mini-bans, you will be barred from the community.

  • And then what?

Banning is temporary, with an eye towards returning you to the community after the banning period is over, provided you understand why you were a jerk and take steps to ensure that you won't do it again. The first bannable transgression (Following any mini-bans of about three days) will have you suspended for a week, the second for about two weeks, and third for about two months. If you continue to be a jerk during a ban period, or return to the community and resume being a jerk after all these previous temp bannings, the ban will be made permanent and you will be completely barred from WAAPT indefinitely.

Addendum: The mods reserve the right to skip straight to permaban at any time for extreme cases of rulebreaking.

  • I've been a jerk in the past. Am I going to be retroactively banned now?

No, because people have the ability to change and grow and you are hopefully not a jerk now.

  • Well, I am a jerk now. Can't I just claim I'm growing?

No, because while the growth process is important, allowing you to be a jerk is upsetting to other players, and draining for the mod team.

  • So what should I do if it turns out I'm a jerk? I really don't want to get banned.

The first time you are a jerk, it's easy enough to come back from it, provided you apologize to the people to whom you were a jerk, understand why you were a jerk, and don't make the same mistake again. Should you consistently be a jerk, as mentioned above the process will proceed to temp banning, and if that doesn't work, a full ban.

  • What if I feel like someone else is being a jerk? Can I be a jerk to them?

No. Talk to a mod about the actions of another player instead of taking things into your own hands.

Ban Appeal

  • I've been banned, can I repeal it?

Ban appeals are only for the two month temp ban (After about a month) and permabans, and are accepted at the discretion of the mods. They are contingent on good behavior, and any such bad incidents afterwards will lead to a permaban with no chance of appeal.