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Fleurir is Atrin's Mudsdale.


Fleurir looks like a typical Mudsdale.


Fleurir is oftentimes a very gentle giant. However, when those she loves are threatened, she can become quite fierce.


As a Mudbray, Fleurir was born on a ranch in Alola. Quite a sickly Mudbray, she was unable to do the kind of work the other Mudbray on the ranch were doing. However, a visit from the neighbor's grandson Atrin would prove to be a very good thing for both himself and the Mudbray. During Atrin's stay on the island, he bonded with the young Mudbray, eventually being gifted it by the rancher. Much later, during a battle, Fleurir evolved into a Mudsdale. With her evolution, she became much stronger and less sickly. Now a powerful member of Atrin's team, Fleurir fights for both her trainer and fellow Pokémon.


  • Nature: Brave
  • Characteristic: Proud of it's power
  • Likes: Battle, protecting others, sugar cubes
  • dislikes: Threats to her team, anyone standing behind her
  • Ball: Great
  • Met: Akala Island, Alola
  • HTQ: Types with Ʊ instead of U, Capitalizes The First Letter Of Every Word


  • TypeGround.gif: High Horsepower, Earthquake
  • TypeSteel.gif: Heavy Slam
  • TypeFighting.gif:Superpower, Focus Blast