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This section archives relevant events in the roleplay by date to assist in finding information, sorted in terms of Eastern Standard Time or UTC-5.

Past major events in the roleplay can be found in the Recap Page, which is usually quite out of date.

Compare and contrast the Arc Index and the Background Lore Index.

Please remember to add a corresponding link to an event if possible.

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  • [TS]: Time-shenanigan'd
  • [AU]: Taking place in the AU.
  • [Meta]: Real-world event.


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Previously On: June 2020

July 1

  • Nothing much happened.

July 2

  • Nothing much happened.

July 3

July 4

July 5

  • [TS] The Bug Revenant is revealed to have a dictatorial Diesel from another universe.

July 6

  • [Meta] Most posts eaten by TVT site crash.
  • [TS] Oracle evolves into Inteleon in order to defeat the Bug Revenant.

July 7

  • Nothing much happened.

July 8

  • Violet is revealed to have beaten Bede offscreen.
  • [TS] Alphonse has Kiran return most of the displaced Fire Emblem characters back to their home universes.
  • [TS?] Upton inadvertently causes a blackout in Wedgehurst while Baal and Phineas discuss Pokefutures tech.

July 9

  • Misery is revealed to have evolved to Hattrem offscreen.
  • [TS] Lilith and Lysithea decide to stay in the OU rather than head back to their home universes.

July 10

  • [TS] The poachers manage to escape the forces arrayed against them.
  • Pokefutures executives discuss the consequences of the recent Hunter's Guild Heist to their operations.

July 11

July 12