Marowak Tribes

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This is a list of Mawowak Tribes and their members. Obviously a W.I.P

Route 203 Tribe (Sinnoh)


The oldest members of the tribe who govern over the clans within it.

  • Bark Stripe the Marowak♀
  • Red Skull the Marowak♂
  • Sunrise the Marowak♂ (Meteor Clan)

Minute Clan

The clan in charge of the tribes' "Time Tunnels", a series of caves that, thanks to the power of Dialga's Toothbrush, link to various points throughout time. This clan is responsible for keeping the tunnels guarded, making sure they are not misused, and if worst comes to worst, fixing temporal paradoxes.

  • Iron Marrow the Marowak♀
  • Scratch the Marowak♂
  • Felt the Marowak♂

Moor Clan

A clan of Cubone and Marowak that, oddly enough, enjoy water-based activities such as boating and swimming despite their weakness to water. This clan puts their affinity to water for good use by fishing to provide food for the rest of the tribe.

  • Reed Snorkel the Cubone♀
  • Yellow Threedot the Cubone♂
  • Wishbone the Cubone♂

Route 9 Tribe (Kanto)

(To be added)