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Below is a list of all couples that are or were canon at some point in time. Note this does not include discussion of potential ships, which can be found here. WIP:

Are Together

Were Together

(These couples were canon in the past but are no longer due to various reasons)

  • Alyssa + Jeff (Reason: Drifted apart due to physical separation)
  • Alyssigan (Alyssa + Pentigan)
  • Crab (Crewe + Jab) (Reason: Didn't work out.)
  • Daisigan (Daisy + Pentigan) (Reason: Didn't work out.)
  • Dopants + Alli (Reason: Age difference)
  • EveryOtherUniverseShipping (Umbra + Lina, OU-exclusive) (Reason: Lina dumped him, and was too late to take him back)
  • Fortie (Forte + Katie) (Reason: Pianis disapproved)
  • Japan (Jason + Pana) (Reason: Jason decided to be on platonic terms with her)
  • Pianis + Jenna (Reason unknown)
  • Pleth + Must (Reason: Must was actually Muninn, who then died)
  • Psyrah/Psychay (Psyche + Eskay/Sarah/Kai) (Reason: Didn't work out)
    • Also RL!Psychay (Author!Psyche x Author!Bittersweet)
  • Queen'sKnightShipping ( Jason + Queenie) (Reason: Jason ended it to keep her away from the J-Team's danger factor.)
  • ReshiLuke (Reshiram + Luke) (Reason: Couldn't work out)
  • Sambert (Samantha + Lucius) (Reason: Lucius died, and they never got back together when he was revived.)
  • Sakurawst (Sakura + Rawst) (Reason: Rawst didn't care for Shingeko.)
  • Sarius/Lucikay (Eskay/Sarah + Lucius) (Reason: Lucius was too uncertain about his own feelings; waiting until he's more sure.)
  • Shining Wolf (DS + Wolf) (Reason: Didn't work out)
  • Teresa + Maria (Reason: Death did make them part)

Will be Together

(These couples are actually planned to be together, not just wish fulfillment)

List last updated September 24, 2017.