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Templates showing the members of a Trainer's team. They can be made using the Template:Team Box template, which looks something like this in the markup:

{{Team Box|name=[[Character Name]]|bg=green|fg=#f80|
{{Location Row| On Hand | [[First Pokémon]] • [[Second Pokémon]] • [[And So Forth]]}}
{{Location Row| Boxed | • • •}}
{{Location Row| Alternate Universe | • • •}}
{{Location Row| Some Other Place | • • •}}
|lastseen=a place or the latest arc}}

Which would produce (links removed to prevent ending up on Wanted Pages):

Character Name's Team
On Hand : First Pokémon • Second Pokémon • And So Forth
Boxed : • • •
Alternate Universe : • • •
Some Other Place : • • •
As last seen in: a place or the latest arc

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