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Because everyone else seems to be doing it and I ended up having more thoughts on stuff than I thought I would...


  • Legendaries are either deities or something more akin to cryptids.
  • Mewtwo, Mew, Latix, Deoxys, Phione, Victini, Genesect, Diancie, and Magearna count as the latter group. Unsure where Marshadow and Zeraora fall.
  • There are multiple of the Bird Trio, Beast Trio, Golem Trio plus Regigigas, Heatran, Manaphy, Shaymin, and Cosmog line.
  • The Sinjoh Event happened and, as a result, there are two Giratina.
  • There are one of all the Legendaries not mentioned previously.
  • The Unown are considered a Legendary as a Collective.
  • The Ultra Beasts that Beast Balls work on are not divine, regardless of whether they count as legendary, others are.
  • (From Tagg) Legendaries are worshipped and conflict has happened as a result of this, though it's more minor nowaday.
  • (From Mezzo) Latios and Latias are the male and female of a single species, but were once thought to be separate species and classified as such in the Pokédex, similarly to Nidoran.



  • Being multilingual, or at least being able to understand languages like Kantonese, [English], and Kalosian conversationally, if not speak them, is more common in the Pokeverse due to the propensity of travelling trainers.


  • Kantonese is the most widespread language in the regions that have a Gym Challenge. It is the official language of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh though other languages are also spoken there.
  • In regions such as Unova and Kalos, Kantonese is more often taught as a foreign language and Pokemon Trainers who do anything outside of their home region are generally expected to learn it.
  • In turn, Almian is considered the official language of Ranger business.
  • Kantonese and Almian are different enough to be considered distinct languages, though similar enough a fluent speaker of one can generally understand the other minus some minor hiccups. Almian, for instance, has borrowed more [Ainu] vocabulary.
  • Orre and Angela have both [English] and [Spanish] as official languages.


  • Pokemon language is a bit different compared to human language because amongst Pokemon, not all of them can make the same sounds others do. They do, however, learn more or less early on how sounds made by other types of Pokemon translate into sounds made by their species.
  • Especially due to a large number of trainers due to Poke Balls being mass-produced and occasional releasing of Pokemon, most Pokemon run into on Routes and such speak the equivalent of the language nearby humans speak and often know Sinn too.
  • Similarly, a good deal of Pokemon in Ranger-dominated regions speak an analogue of Almian.
  • Pokemon languages that are not shared with nearby humans are a lot more divided due to a lack of widespread communication.
  • Though the speech between two Pokemon species is understandable to each other, the sounds they use to make it are different enough that species can generally be told apart.

Humans speaking Monese/Mons speaking Humanese or other species' Monese

  • Due to usual vocal incompatability, learning Monese is more learning how to think of other species' sounds in terms of their own language rather than learning how to speak like a certain species of Pokemon, except in the cases of the particularly ambitious.
  • Humans raised by Pokemon are often able to do the translation between other species due to spending time around multiple Pokemon and usually end up sounding most like the species that raised them.
  • On the flipside, a mon raised solely by humans in the absence of other Pokemon will sound a fair bit like human speech. This pretty much never happens, though, as Pokemon raised by humans will often be in the presence of other Pokemon.
  • A Pokemon raised by a different species of Pokemon in the absence of their own species will more likely than not try and default to the sounds made by the species raising them.
  • Pokemon that are solely in the presence of their own species and don't have any contact with other types of Pokemon often understand said Pokemon as well as most humans understand them, though this also pretty much never happens.


  • Individuals receive Attributes sometime before birth through some means on a designated Legendary's part.
  • Armbands subconsciously translate the user's speech into the usual sounds for the species, with the ability to translate a different species' sounds into one's own taught at this time, though the latter usually only affects humans.
  • Translator Microbes are usually applied when travelling in time/across dimensions to those travelling.
  • DS is related to Lanie and Zeal.
  • If a personmon transforms into a Pokemon/Human form they're not as connected with, there may be differences in their appearance across different times they transform into the form. They're often subtle and might not get picked up by even Pokemon of the same species, but bigger changes in life, personality, demeanor, and such things can affect the form's appearances more noticably.
  • The creators of Porygon had to get a permit from Xerneas to create life much like Solana did.
  • (From Tagg) In this universe, Pokepan didn't have as large an isolationist period, and even did some expansion, leading to the majority of people there being of both Asian and Caucasian/White analogue descent and explaining the commonality of both Eastern and Western names.


  • Conventional weapons do exist and are able to do some damage to Pokemon, though due to the abundance of Pokemon and the fact they're less likely to be lethal, Pokemon are generally considered superior, though some people do practice with weapons.
  • Pokemon have about as much variablity as humans do in personality and appearance, the former not being as evident because the different species still tend to be more predisposed to certain traits than others. The latter is also not as evident for those not of their species, since their brains are more indicated to telling their own species apart than others.
  • Human society is largely the dominant one because of how they've been able to unite Pokemon in a way Pokemon hadn't done before.
  • The minor changes in mechanics between games are in part in-universe as well, due to Arceus making slight tweaks in how the world works.
  • Bug Egg Group Pokemon are generally seen as more attractive across Egg Group Borders than other types of Pokemon.
  • Wes was actually bald during the events of Colosseum like the rest of Team Snagem.
  • (From Mezzo) The trend of "fad pets" also exists in the Pokéverse; some species will become more commonly caught and trained after making major pop culture appearances, or for competitive battlers, if a winner in a major competition uses one.