Antumbra Isle

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Aerial view of Antumbra Isle. (Key: 1. Chundona Village 2. Cilryth Lake 3. Mt. Ketsueki Entrance Path: Via Sohm 4. Mt. Ketsueki 5. Shademirk Bog.)

Antumbra Isle is an island located far to the northeast of Sinnoh that is home to numerous Ice and Dragon types.


Antumbra's most notable feature is Mt. Ketsueki, a mountain two-thirds the height of Mt. Coronet that dominates its landscape.


Antumbra is sparsely populated by humans, with its largest settlement being the port village of Chundona, originally settled by its indigenous population, and other groups who have left.


  • Antumbra's shape is based on that of Soltstheim from the Elder Scrolls series.