Aqua Ribbon

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The Aqua Ribbon is a special contest ribbon awarded to the winner of the Wallace Cup. It is one of the rarest and valuable ribbons in the world - if not the rarest and most valuable ribbon in the world.


The Aqua Ribbon is larger than a normal ribbon and is made to look Like a stylized silhouette of Wallace's upper body. The ribbon has two tails and a gold plate with platinum framing and highlights. The ribbon's two tails are colored and shaped to look like the sleeves of Wallace's signature outfit while the gold plate is shaped to look like the collar and hat of Wallace's signature outfit. The plate's platinum frame and small, circular ruby form a crown shape signify Wallace's mastery over both Pokemon Battles and Coordination.

Special Privileges

The Aqua Ribbon is special in that it that counts towards any region's Grand Festival, not merely that of the region it is won in, as well as it can be reused every year. This effectively means the winners of the Aqua Ribbon effectively only have to earn 16 ribbons to enter all four Grand Festivals instead of the normal 20 (i.e. four ribbons per region rather than the normal five).

Known Winners

Since the only way to win an Aqua Ribbon is to win the Wallace Cup (which are inter-regional contests that are held infrequently at best) as well as the privileges conferred by winning one, Aqua Ribbons are exceedingly rare. Winners of the Aqua Ribbon (as the rest of the top 8 finalists) could be considered world-class coordinators.