Archen Story

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Tangent's Idea

(but can be rewritten mercilessly in addition to adding one's own)

Once there was an Archen, fluttering along, cawing as he liked to caw.

A lab told him, "We study cawing! Come in and caw for us, and have a treat!"

"Now, all you need to do is..."

"Bark like a dog!"

"Caw upside-down!"

"Caw in Swahili!"

"Caw a song with these Archen!"

"Nonono, not that song, caw the Ugandan national anthem!"

"No, you had to do it all underwater!"

"No treat!"

The Archen left, despondent and alone...

His friends saw him there...

And helped him home.

?'s idea

(to be filled)