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Name: Artesia Som Deikun
Nickname: none
Gender: Female
Sexuality: -
Age: 17
Height: {{{height}}}
Ethnicity: -
Birthday: Unknown
Trainer ID: -
Home: Unova Route 9
Pokéform: Plusle
Starter: Rai-kun

General Info

Artesia is a result of a genetic experiment involving studies into the Burst phenomena. She is the long lost sister to Casval, though he still doesn't know.


Artesia is very blunt, usually taking the straight man role when in conversations with others in her party. She is a Tsundere by all means. She loves her brother (to the point of it being a brother complex), but is reluctant to actually let him know of the relation between them. She's very level headed and can usually think on her feet. When anything concerning love is brought up, her reaction is usually very excited. She is very respectful to those that help her. Artesia looks down on her narrator as a person whose job is to watch a certain person's actions on a daily basis and treats him as a pervert and an idiot, the latter of which he has proved he is.



Prior to First Appearance

As a child, Artesia was abducted and taken to a research facility where she was found compatible with the Pikachu species. Subsequent tests and experiments left her with Rai-kun, who was capable of staying by her side and follow orders in battle without the use of Pokéballs. Additionally, since the two shared a link, Rai-kun gained the capability for human speech while Artesia gained the ability to temporarily transform her body into electric energy which does inflict tremendous pain on her body due to the required energy to reconstruct herself. At 16 years, Artesia had escaped from the lab by utilizing this technique and began wandering for a while, meeting a woman along the way who helped her adapt to a new life. Half a year following, she gained the desire to reunite with her family and travelled to Unova. She met her parents, but discovered that her older brother had gone missing not long after her own disappearnce. Her travels in search of him lead to the meeting with the J-team.

  • Kidnapped at a young age and experimented on.
  • Linked to her first Pokémon, Rai-kun.
  • Escaped the facility and met Karen of the Johto Elite Four.
  • Returned to Unova to meet her family.
  • Left Unova to look for her brother, Casval.

Hoenn Arc

Her first appearance is departing from a boat onto the edges of Littleroot town. She quickly met the members of the J-team who had teleported there earlier. She quickly became friendly with Katie, leading to getting accustomed with the rest of the team. When Parisse was attacked in a hospital with all the exits sealed, she used her ability to enter without much trouble. For much of Hoenn, she would simply tag along with the J-team, temporarily leaving when they stopped in Fallobar for some reason. She later took part in the Pokéringer with her Swellow, Holland, but was disqualified in the first round for destroying the ring. Off the coast of Mossdeep City, she along with Rai-kun were responsible for the destruction and redirection of the airship. She later meets Wally and Casval in Sootopolis, getting a feeling she knew who Casval was, but had no basis for her theory. It isn't until well after the climax of the arc that she confirms his identity, but still hesitates to tell him.

  • Meets the J-team.
  • Displays her ability to transform into electric energy.
  • Participates in the Pokéringer contest, being disqualified in the first round.
  • Destroys Team Ozone's Airship.
  • Meets Wally and Casval.

Infinity Keystone Arc

After the events in Hoenn, she joins Wally, Casval and Silent to Johto. In the Ice Path, she reveals her Mawile, Reborns, who finds delight in harassing other Pokémon. In Blackthorn City, she would witness Wally's challenge against Clair. In Cherrygrove Town, she receives an Egg but is concerned about the fact someone knows her relation to Casval more than the egg itself. She later assists Wally and Casval in a joint challenge of the Johto Elite Four, participating with Jeremiah and Iskander.

  • Reveals her Mawile, Reborns.
  • Participates in a joint challenge of the Johto Elite Four.
  • Receives an Egg.

Return to Mystery Dungeon Arc

The group would eventually make their way to Kanto, where she would re-energize Professor Oak's teleporter. Upon fixing the teleporter, the resulting surge of energy overloaded the machine and caused the entire party to swap bodies during transfer, Artesia ending up in Casval's body. She was the first to be found by Wally and adapted quickly to her Pokémon form. Along with Wally, she was tossed into the portal back into the OU by Palkia at the end of the arc.

  • Recharges Professor Oak's Teleporter.
  • Swaps bodies with Casval.
  • Fights with Umbra and Wally against Casval(as the Legendary Fusion).

Return to Unova Arc

Losing Casval, she decided with Wally to travel across the world looking for him again. Her travels would bring her to Lavaridge City in Hoenn, where her egg ultimately hatched into Vivio. When arriving in Vermillion City, the party meets Alri, who joins them for a time. They would continue their search until it brings them back to Unova, where they fall into a coma for unknown reasons in the Pinwheel Forest. She and Wally are later awakened by a mysterious man.

  • Travels the world again, looking for Casval.
  • Hatches the egg, giving birth to Vivio, a Snorunt.
  • Meets Alri.
  • Falls into a coma with Wally in the Pinwheel Forest.

Artesia's Team


Artesia's Narrator's Team


Moves (As a Plusle)

  • None revealed

Moves (As a Pikachu(Casval's body))

  • TypeElectric.gif Discharge
  • TypeNormal.gif Double Team
  • TypeElectric.gif Thunder
  • TypeElectric.gif Electro Ball


  • Casval: Sister
  • Wally: Friend
  • Karen: Friend



In the AU, Artesia has not appeared, but is implied to have left to find her brother just as it was in the OU. She is currently unaware that Casval is dead in this universe.

AU Relationships

  • Casval: Sister


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