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Aurum is a Pokémon belonging to Zachary Chattabie.


Species: Gardevoir.

Gender: Male.

Nature: Serious.

Ability: Synchronize.

Met: Route 208.

Ball: Standard.

Name Basis: Aurum means gold in latin and is defined as gold in chemistry, and gold is associated with psychic prowess and the Psychic Type in the Pokémon canon.

Moves in Battle

Known Moves

  • TypePsychic.gif Psybeam, Telekinesis, Heal Pulse, Teleport.
  • TypeFairy.gif Moonblast.


Aurum is usually always speaks with a serious deadpan tone and is often sarcastic and rude, he is seen as grumpy by those around him and is often very blunt when he wants to critique someone else, however, he secretly does care deeply for his team and trainer, even if he can act very rudely towards the latter, and often sees himself as the leader of the team, offering advice and plans when they need one.

Whenever someone else in the team or Zachary completely ignores his plans and gets hurt or into danger because of it, he can get very angry, which is why he always carries a stress toy with him for those situations.

Zachary's Team
On Hand:395Mini.pngGhiaccio282Mini.pngAurum398Mini.pngBunby083Mini.pngSmoke195Mini.pngDonald181Mini.pngJoulet406Mini.pngNack
As last seen in: Re:Glitch Arc