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Name: Casval Rem Deikun(current name)
Nickname: none
Gender: Male
Sexuality: -
Age: 23
Height: {{{height}}}
Ethnicity: -
Birthday: Unknown
Trainer ID: -
Home: Unova Route 9
Pokéform: Pikachu
Starter: Quattro

General Info

Casval is an ex-Plasma member, specifically a former student of the Shadow Triad.


Casval has gone through multiple personalities as a way to adapt to life outside of Team Plasma.

Version 1

His initial one was rather amiable, but after an event through which N's safety was endangered, his despair caused the birth of a new personality.

Version 2

The second one was born from being introduced to the members of the J-team, which increased his shy attributes and distanced him from people.

Version 3

Upon entry to the AU, Casval's personality reverted to that of his Plasma days except without N and took a drastic third turn, where he became cold to everyone else and found solace in machinery and electronics.

Version 3.5

Partially through this arc, he awakened to his first and second personalities. The resulting fusion of emotions created what can be termed as a half-personality, where he became indebted to his Pokémon, but couldn't find any way to express himself aside from starting a campaign to take Unova as atonement.

Version 4

Upon his death in the AU, that personality fused with the one in the OU, and formed a fourth one. This stirred memories in Casval, causing him to realize the importance of his Pokémon companions, becoming aloof, but caring. After finding and reuniting with Wally and Artesia, respectively, Casval's realization of friends became the cornerstone of his beliefs. After the events of the Return to Mystery Dungeon, the trip through a portal scrambled his thoughts again, and returned him to that of his third persona.

Version 5

Upon falling into a coma, then waking beside other ex-Plasma members, he has formed what can be assumed as the fifth personality, fusing all previous ones while losing memories and understanding that his past isn't so easily discarded.



Prior to First Appearance

As a Team Plasma member, and a member of the selective group to serve Ghetsis himself, Casval grew attached to the young king, N. When the organization fell, Casval found himself joining the faction that was loyal to N. Letting the main group handle matters in Unova, Casval left to actively look for N.

  • Casval begins travelling alone to look for N.

Ranger Regions/The Gold Conference Arc

Doing so had him meet a group that was starting to unofficially become known as the J-team. This also allowed him locate N and join him through the events of the Gold Conference, but ultimately, his king had requested that Casval find his own way in life, leaving behind his team for Casval to train and look after.

  • Meets the J-team.
  • Reveals his affinity to Pikachu and establishes his ability to call upon them.
  • Reveals his Poké-form to be a Pikachu.
  • Obtains the Holy Hand Grenade.
  • Takes ownership of most of N's On-hand Pokémon.

Orange Islands Arc

After the events of the AU, Casval felt an urge to visit the grave of his deceased former team member. This led him on a trip around Kanto until he met Professor Oak, who under the guise of running an errand, gave Casval a Squirtle to fill the gap in his heart. The following trip to the Sevii Islands resulted in Casval unintentionally losing his narrator. At this time, Casval also was somehow able to accumulate all three of Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon onto his Ludicolo.

  • Visits the grave of Quattro.
  • Builds "Nightingale".
  • Receives a Squirtle from Professor Oak and names it "Quale"
  • Quale learns Secret Sword from the spirit of Quattro after a second visit.
  • Visits Two Island and teaches his Ludicolo the Elemental Hyper Beams.
  • Accidentally loses his narrator during training.

Hoenn Arc

His trip to Hoenn under more errands for Professor Oak had him meet Wally, and his narrator. After an exchange of tea, the three began traveling together. Throughout their travels in Hoenn, the three had a constant habit of missing Artesia whilst training Wally, both physically and mentally. During the stay in Fallobar Town, Casval's backpack revealed itself capable of transforming into a large mecha named Nightingale. Following the events of the Mindscape, Casval also captured a Druddigon that was capable of escaping with him. During the final events in Hoenn, Casval is finally formally reunited with his sister, Artesia although he cannot remember her.

  • Takes the S.S. Tidal to Hoenn.
  • Meets Wally and his Narrator.
  • Enters the Mindscapes of certain members of the J-team.
  • Captures a Druddigon he found within Straw's Mindscape and names it "Ryouma".
  • Repels a Kyogre with Wally's assistance.
  • Takes part in the LaRousse City Battle Tower.
  • Meets Artesia, who joins his traveling group.
  • Defeats a group of grunts in the maze of New Mauville using Ludicolo's Pledge Combination attacks.

Infinity Keystone Arc

Whilst the events of the Infinity Keystone was occurring in Sinnoh, Casval accompanied Silent to Johto. In Goldenrod, Casval forms a pro-Voltorb union, opposing the Voltorb Flip games. After splitting up with the trainer, the group went around Johto until Wally decided to challenge Clair (losing along the way) and subsequently, the Johto Elite Four. Casval, Wally and Artesia joined as a team, and completed the challenge, and was teleported to Luke's home in New Bark Town shortly afterwards, which apparently happened to everyone who challenged the Johto Elite Four. A revisit to Goldenrod reveals that the Game Corner Owner had made progress in fulfilling the Voltorb union's demands.

  • Accompanies Silent to PEFE HQ.
  • Smuggles an undetermined amount of Pikachu, including Ooyama's Pikachu.
  • Creates a union for Voltorbs.
  • Reveals his mechanical left arm.
  • Lends Wally his Gyarados in challenging Blackthorn Gym.
  • Joins Wally and Artesia in a Johto Elite Four Challenge using Quale and Ryouma.
  • Enters the Johto Hall of Fame as a joint team.

Return to Mystery Dungeon Arc

Afterwards, they decided to make their way back to Unova through a teleporter set up in Professor Oak's lab. The incident swapped the bodies of all the members. As they were passing the Entralink, Wally's wish was catalyst enough to teleport them to the Mystery Dungeon Universe. Casval was separated from the everyone for much of the arc and was, through inexperience in the Gardevoir form, transfigured into a grotesque fusion of legendary Pokémon traits. Following his rescue by assistance from Umbra, his group wandered the world a while until they came across Palkia, who sent them back to the OU, but forgetting and tossing in Casval at the last moment.

  • Meets Professor Oak again, helping him fix a teleporter.
  • Switches into Wally's body following an accident involving the teleporter.
  • Battles Umbra, Wally and Artesia as a Legendary Pokémon combination.
  • Is tossed into the portal back to the OU by Palkia separate from Wally and Artesia.

Return to Unova Arc

During the events of the Return to Unova, Casval had returned to his original Team Plasma persona, and had intent on separating Pokémon and humans once again, taking the name "Char". Not long after the start, however, he fell into a coma from which he did not awake from until much after everything had resolved in the region. He then begins traveling with a collection of loyal grunts.

  • Rescued by ex-Plasma Grunts and joins them, having developed amnesia.
  • Falls into a coma.
  • Awakens to small group of loyal Plasma Grunts, regaining some of his memory.

Casval's Team


Moves (As a Pikachu)

  • TypeElectric.gif Discharge
  • TypeNormal.gif Double Team
  • TypeElectric.gif Thunder
  • TypeElectric.gif Electro Ball

Moves (As Legendary Fusion)

  • TypeIce.gif Glaciate
  • TypeElectric.gif Thunder
  • TypeFighting.gif Aura Sphere
  • TypeNormal.gif Roar
  • TypeFlying.gif Hurricane
  • TypeGround.gif Earthquake


  • Ghetsis: Subordinate
  • N: Subordinate
  • Wally: Mentor
  • Artesia: Brother



AU Arc

When his consciousness was transferred into the AU, Casval had awakened on Unova Route 9, his "home-route". After failing to find his parents, he wandered a bit until he was confronted by a group of cloaked Pokémon. The resulting party took Black City when it was left mostly empty after Napoleon's capture of it. After setting up more defenses within the city and developing the weapons, Ragnarok and Niflheim, Casval set out to pursue the Emboar in hopes of halting their advance. Casval's forces met up with Napoleon's forces in the AU Mistralton and began battle with them, Casval engaging Napoleon, only to be countered by Rea. As the skirmish dragged on, the less than patient Emboar decided to end it himself, defeating Casval promptly, but not before the latter had set up a Satellite Laser on the location. Defeated, Casval awaited death, but was saved by Niflheim's self-preservation system which froze Casval's battered body. The resulting explosion from the laser sent Casval flying off into the distance, landing in Anville Town, where Schwartz broke him out of the encasing ice. The team then regrouped and decided to pursue again. When they reached Opelucid, Casval suddenly regained some memories and commanded that Quattro and the rest of the team cross through Unova's center and attack Lacunosa Town from the opposite direction. This, however, was a gambit by Casval to which they would not need to get involved. Entering Lacunosa alone, he desperately charged to defeat as many enemies as he could, but ultimately failing. Casval would be captured and imprisoned in the Dragonspiral Tower, where he came to peace with himself, finally realizing that his team was in fact the living members of his original Team Zero back in the OU. Deciding to deprive his captors of any benefits from his capture, he activated a self-destruct mechanism that destroys all non-living matter around his cell at the cost of his life.

  • Awakens on Unova Route 9.
  • Takes control of an abandoned Black City.
  • Creates Ragnarok and Niflheim as well as the accompanying "Ein Soph Aur" satellite laser system.
  • Attacks Napoleon at Mistralton, losing both the battle and his right arm and left leg.
  • Regains his OU memories at Opelucid City.
  • Attacks Napoleon's forces again at Lacunosa, losing again.
  • Detonates himself at Dragonspiral Prison.

AU Casval's Team


AU Relationships

  • Ghetsis: Subordinate
  • Artesia: Brother


Casval's Team
On Hand : Pikachu Horde025Mini.pngQuale007Mini.pngRyouma621Mini.pngGyarados130Mini.pngDodrio085Mini.pngMankey056Mini.png
Tauros128Mini.pngLudicolo272Mini.pngSlowpoke079Mini.pngShellder090Mini.pngJoy531Mini.png Archeops567Mini.pngCarracosta565Mini.png
Alternate Universe : Quattro008Mini.pngGraham006Mini.pngSchwartz068Mini.png
Deceased (In OU): Quattro007Mini.pngGraham006Mini.png
As last seen in: Unova-2