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Name: Celeste Berceaux
Nickname: Cebu
Gender: Female
Sexuality: -
Age: 20
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Ethnicity: -
Birthday: February 26th
Trainer ID: -
Home: Dendemille Town, Kalos
Pokéform: Unknown
Starter: Kata

A mysterious girl, capable of commanding her team without a single word. What lies behind her placid smile?


Claiming to have trained at the Kimono Girl Dojo in Ecruteak, Cebu approached the group near the end of their Holon adventures. She was later found in Orre, undercover as a Cipher Peon for a short period to gain information on... something. At the end of the Orrean journey, she received a message of the death of her father, the first crack in her emotional wall. This was exacerbated by the near-death of Kata in a mysterious avalanche on Mt. Mortar.

Now she's back in Kalos, and appears to be looking for something...

As of the other day, Cebu's sister Kamilla has been arrested for the poisoning of their parents and Cebu's murder... a decade ago?


Cebu's appearance changes often, due to being one of the rare people with multiple outfits that she commonly makes use of. One of the few consistent traits is her near-marble-colored skin and her piercing yellow eyes, as well as a pair of black gloves covering her hands.

Her first outfit, seen by the group in Holon, was a kimono patterned upon Ho-Oh's beautiful plumage, with a blonde wig to match.

Her second outfit was a simple Cipher Peon outfit with a red wig.

Her current outfit, after leaving the Cipher base, consists of a pair of skintight patterned blue jeans, a black sleeveless turtleneck, and a blue biker's cap with short black hair.


Honestly, Cebu's personality is rather enigmatic. While keeping up a generally calm and placid demeanor, there are times, specifically when she is being threatened, that her personality takes on a rather calculating and vicious bent. Because of this, it's difficult to gauge her true nature.

Has a Mindscape.

Further Details

Favorite Color: Black, Gold

Attribute: None yet

Aura/Obscura Affinity: Unknown

Likes: Silence, a cool breeze

Dislikes: Questions about her

Cebu's Team


In the AU

Cebu has not appeared yet in the AU.


Cebu's main possession is a strange, bloodred shamisen, as well as her surprisingly varied wardrobe.

She has also obtained a black stone indicating a favor from Coyote.


Cebu is impressively new to the group, to the extent that she doesn't know most of the group- to a strange extent, actually. She knows almost no one in the group, save one.

  • Her relationship with Dune is one of admiration... perhaps to a romantic extent?
  • She has a strange, antagonistic relationship with Noir, where it seems that, for once, the Obscuric entity is disadvantaged.


  • Cebu does not use attacks with her pokemon- she commands them with a combination of fan dancing and songs.
  • Cebu, while unable to speak Monese, understands Kata as if she speaks English.
  • Apparently, Cebu's mind is so dark and horrific that even Noir is sickened.
  • Cebu's voice, when coupled with rare bouts of strong emotion, appears to effect the emotions and actions of others, especially pokemon.
  • Cebu casts no shadow, oddly enough.

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