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Siobhan Mitsurugi is a 18 year old freelance Archaeologist and trainer.

General Info

Full Name: Ceres Siobhan Mitsurugi

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Place of Birth: Canalave City, Sinnoh

Birthday: June 16th, 1998

Ethnicity: German-Japanese

Starter: Gogmazios


Usually wears a black (whatever the WAAPTverse equivalent of SpaceX is) shirt with a dark blue-grey cardigan over it, and a knee-length black skirt and digital urban camo-patterned stockings with combat boots, and a blue ship captain-esque hat over long black hair tied back into a ponytail.

For cold weather, she wears an aviator jacket and blue-grey scarf, along with long pants. Whenever she goes flying (on a 'mon, that is. Not taking commercial airlines) she wears a pair of aviator goggles.

Her left eye is a steel-grey and her right eye is bright green.



Siobhan, as literally everyone who isn't a substitute teacher calls her, grew up in Eterna city. Her father is a graphic design artist and her mother is a chemical engineer who works for a pharmaceutical company. Shockingly, both are alive and well. Both her parents are also avid gamers, and she (and a couple of her 'mons) inherited that. The Mother's and Father's day gifts are usually video games that recently came out or pen-and-paper RPG source books. Since she was young, she's never really seen the appeal of Pokemon training, and doesn't really care for battling, not that that stops her from training her Pokemon for it, because there are plenty of other who do care about battling, and it's better to be safe than sorry.

She got good grades throughout primary and secondary school, and is now in college studying aerospace engineering. Her goal in life is to work at SpaceX, designing rockets. At some point, she wants to go into space and spacewalk. She owns a very expensive telescope and regularly hikes to a hill near the city to stargaze. In middle and high school, she went through coming to terms with the fact that she is lesbian. While her parents were highly supportive, most of her friends... weren't. It wasn't pretty. She cut ties with them, and still holds animosity towards them, though a few have tried to come and apologize. All attempts have been rebuffed, though a couple have been remarkably persistent. The friends who were supportive of her are her closest friends, with whom she regularly keeps in touch. Freshman year of college, she met her current girlfriend.

She mostly spends her free time training her pokemon, practicing MMA, building model rockets, stargazing, or playing video games.

Siobhan's Current Team

Kushala Daora