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Warning! You have now left the WAAPT Multiverse!

This page deals with an out of universe or otherwise meta aspect of the RP.

(You may add other parts as needed, but this can at least start the basics.)

Add the character table here using the markup linked here, which will appear as:

Name: Their name
Nickname/Alias: Any nicknames they have
Gender: Can be designated as cis, trans, or neither
Sexuality: Includes both sexual and romantic orientation
Age: How old they are chronologically; Can also include their apparent physical age if immortal or otherwise long-lived, or if they were originally nonhuman or created non-standarly
Height: In Imperial and Metric
Ethnicity: Their ethnic and/or racial group
Birthday: Month, day, and year format
Attribute: Your Trainer's Attribute, if they happen to have one
Trainer ID: Your Trainer's ID Number as shown on their Trainer Card or equivalent items
Home: Where they originally came from
Pokéform: Their Pokéform if they have one
Starter: Their first Pokémon, whether official Starter Pokémon or not
Status: Is this character currently alive or deceased within their primary universe of origin?

If you have any artwork you'd like to use, you can place it on the page using the markup [[File:YourPicture.png|thumb (So that it'll be a thumbnail)|left, center, or right (If needed)|??px (If it's still too big for the page)|X Character by Insert Artist Here. (Remember to add the URL either for the work itself, or the artist's main page in question)]]

-Insert brief intro of your character here-


What they look like, can include things from the character table as well as things not included.


Place personality traits here, as basic or complex as you want it to be.


A general history of your character's life up until they joined the story, as well as events during the story proper. Can be separated by individual arc as needed.

Battle Strategy

How they tend to behave in battle, with or without Pokémon.

Known Techniques (In Pokéform if your character has one)

  • {{typeicon|Type}} List moves in alphabetical order here, as well as types.

Notable Items

Any notable items your character carries.

In Other Universes

If your character has any introduced multiversal counterparts, you can detail them here.


List the relationships your character has with others.


Notable things your character has accomplished, including but not limited to Gym and League victories, defeating a villain, winning a competition, etc.


Any Pokémon your character has on their team, often separated by debut and individual arc of introduction. The template (And its variations and combinations thereof) you should use is:

{{Mon Box|NatDexNumberPokémonSpeciesName.png|Name, or Species if they don't have one{{tt|*|Particular traits, such as physical differences not apparent on the sprite or model, or if they're deceased}}|gender=If male (blue) or female (pink); Can be used to denote gender in species otherwise considered genderless, such as the Magnemite or Beldum Lines|}}
{{Mon Box|NatDex(♂ or ♀)NumberPokémonSpiecesName.png|Name or Species}} --> If appearance differs based on gender, mostly supplanted by the below template and turned into redirects.
{{Mon Box|NatDex(m or f)NumberPokémonSpeciesName.png|Name or Species}} --> See above
{{Mon Box|NatDexNumberPokémonSpeciesNameShiny.png|Name or Species}} --> If Shiny
{{Mon Box|NatDexNumberXPokémonSpeciesNameY.png|Name or Species}} -->If a canon variation, such as Red Flower Flabébe or Rainbow Swirl Alcremie with a Strawberry Sweet
{{Mon Box|NatDexNumberNameXPokémonSpciesNameY.png|Name or Species}} --> Variation of the above 

The markup for the above is:

{{Mon Box|001Bulbasaur.png|Bulbasaur{{tt|*|Particular traits, such as physical differences not apparent on the sprite or model, or if they're deceased}}|gender=male}}
{{Mon Box|003mVenusaur.png|Venusaur|gender=male}}
{{Mon Box|006CharizardShiny.png|Charizard}}
{{Mon Box|741BaileOricorio.png|Oricorio}}
{{Mon Box|869AlcremieBerry.png|Alcremie|gender=female}}
{{Mon Box|869RainbowAlcremieBerry.png|Alcremie|gender=female}}

To add more within the Hex Row, add more Mon Boxes. While there's no true limit, Hex Rows have at most between 3 and 6 Pokémon for readability purposes.


If you have any artwork of your character apart from the one at the top, they can go here.


Random facts that don't fit in the other categories.

(A Team Box often goes at the bottom if your character is a Trainer or otherwise has Pokémon of their own, with the markup of {{Player Character or NPC's Team}}. For more on creating a Team Box, see Category:Team Templates. The Team Box Template can also be used as a basis to make group Templates as seen in Category:Group Templates.)

A non-exhaustive list of Categories you can index your character under can be seen here (The names below are case-sensitive):

[[Category:Player Characters]] --> If a player character, primary or secondary
[[Category:NPCs]] --> If an NPC, human or Pokémon. It should be noted that Pokémon belonging to a PC are *not* placed under this category. 
[[Category:Pokémon]] --> If a Pokémon
[[Category:Trainers]] --> If a Trainer
[[Category:Trainers from X]] --> Denoting the region they originally came from; A full list can be found under the Trainers by Location category
[[Category:Male Trainers]] --> If male
[[Category:Female Trainers]] --> If female
[[Category:Nonbinary Trainers]] --> If nonbinary
(The Male Character and Female Character categories should only be used if the character in question is a human that doesn't happen to be a Trainer)
[[Category:Non-Trainers]] --> If your human character doesn't happen to be a Trainer 
[[Category:Pokémon Rangers]] --> If a Pokémon Ranger
[[Category:LGBT+ Characters]] --> If some variety of queer
[[Category:Aura Sensitives]] --> Capable of using some component of the Auric Spectrum; Can be used for Pokémon with Auric Spectrum use considered unusual for their species
[[Category:Trainers in the Hall of Fame]] --> Your character has beaten at least one League
[[Category:Parents]] --> If your character is a parent; This category should only be used if the page is for two characters or the character in question is nonbinary, otherwise they should go under Mothers or Fathers 
[[Category:Ancestors]] -->If your character is a direct ancestor of another
[[Category:Futurekids]] --> If a child of an (N)PC in the present coming from the future
[[Category:Fallers]] --> If a Faller
[[Category:Nega-Counterparts]] --> If a Nega-Counterpart of an existing PC
[[Category:Heart of Gold]] --> If they're a Heart of Gold
[[Category:Soul of Silver]] --> If they're a Soul of Silver
[[Category:Mind of Crystal]] --> If they're a Mind of Crystal 
(The Attribute Categories are normally mutually exclusive as beings normally only have one. If they *explicitly* have no Attribute, they should go under the Trainers Without Attributes category)

For a variation of this template used for Pokémon belonging to a Trainer, see here.