Clara Clavis

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Clara Sophia Desmond Clavis is Ren's Mother and an NPC controlled by keys2tkingdom.


None yet


Slightly fussy and a tad overly motherly, Clara is quite good when it planning and has excellent administrate skills. Dutiful in her overseeing of the working of the Clavis estates, she is also a rock monotyper, specializing in Fossil Pokémon.

Known Pokemon

  • Ada, the female Carbink (starter)
  • Edward, the male Tyrantrum
  • Victoria, the female Tytrantrum
  • An unnamed newborn (as of October 2013) Anorith
  • Perma, the female Auroros
  • Ives, the male Auroros
  • An unnamed Lunatone
  • An unnamed Solrock
  • Sheena, the Lycanroc Midday
  • Snow, the Lycanroc Midnight


  • Almost all the Fossil Pokémon Ren gives and receives are the offspring of Clara's Pokemon.