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Contests, or properly known as Pokemon Contests, are competitions that are found in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Kalos where trainers and their Pokemon partners - trainers specializing in contests are commonly called "Coordinators" - have the Pokemon demonstrate their innate qualities to an audience and a panel of judges. The winner of a contest will usually receive a ribbon - although a person can not win the same ribbon twice.

To enter a contest, one must obtain a Contest Pass for the region the contest is held in. Each region has its own contest pass, so a Johto Contest Pass wouldn't be valid in Hoenn, nor would a Hoenn Contest Pass be valid in Johto. Contest Passes are easy to obtain and can be issued at any contest location. Requirement for Contests may vary from region to region, but it is safe to assume if that a person can legally own/ care for/ train Pokémon, they're pretty much guaranteed to be able to get a Contest Pass in a matter of minutes.


Here is a overview on how contests work in the RP. Please note that this list is subject to change and interpretation.

  • Contests have two portions; the Appeals Round and the Battle Round. Only 8 to 16 coordinators may move on to the Battle Round. Winner of the battle round is declared the winner and receives the Ribbon.
  • Contests will be done mostly in the style of the anime with a few elements from the games or the main RP added in.

Appeals Round

  • The appeals round will be done similar to how they are done in the anime, but have to demonstrate at least one of the Five Contest Categories from the games.
  • An appeal can demonstrate multiple categories to allow for easier appeals, but the judging becomes more stringent.
  • A mon can use up to four moves in their move pool to perform an appeal.
    • The Emcee will state which moves the mon will be using while introducing the contestant and their mon. So be be sure to let the player who is controlling the emcee know what to say.
  • Props and music can be used for appeals. All props and music have to be provided by the trainer/ coordinator. Props should be smallish and/or easily moved.
  • Any form of outside interference means immediate disqualification.
  • Mon on stage can not have contact with audience or judges in any form or fashion.
  • A single volunteer can be used for an appeal, the appealing mon can not inflict any harm whatsoever to the volunteer. The volunteer can not be a plant. If the volunteer is discovered to be a plant or is harmed in the appeal process will result in an immediate disqualification and/or revoking of a ribbon.

Battle Round

  • The Battle Round will be like the anime with the "points gauge" that empties as a player's mon are shown up by their opponents, and fills as they show up their opponents, perform a particularly good looking move, or being stylish in general.
  • One can claim victory in one of two was in the battle round. The First (and most common) being through KOing an opponent's mon. The second is by emptying an opponent's point gauge.
    • There are several ways to empty/ fill a points gauge:
      • Dodging/ Nullifying attacks: this covers protecting moves, covering an ally, countering, etc. Depending on the method and the success of the attempt, points that awarded and/ or deducted.
      • Cause your opponent to mess up: This covers disrupting attacks, causing you opponent to fall, etc. Depending on the method and the success of the attempt, points will awarded and/ or deducted.
      • Using showy moves: This covers moves that are unique, modified, combination, etc. If a mon uses showy move to damage or counter an opponent, they might get points added.
    • Since the point gauge was rarely used to decide a winner, the gauge shouldn't present of much of an issue RP mechanics-wise, but don't forget that one can lose if their mon perform poorly enough.
  • Also note that the battle round can be done in Single, Double, or Triple battle format. The format should be decided before hand as every battle in the battle round will have to use the same format.
  • The winner of the final round is declared the winner of the contest and receives the ribbon.

Additional Notes

  • Contests require a lot of planing on the players' side. So be sure to let others know that you want to do one well in advance.
  • It is strongly encouraged to prewrite your appeals beforehand. This saves time IRL and reduces the amount of Time Shenanigans involved.
  • Due to the tournament-like nature of the battle segment, not all named PCs and NPCs will advance to the battle portion.
  • To prevent from contests from running too long IRL, a cut-off for players to participate can be enforced.