Croagunk Challenge Cup

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The Croagunk Challenge Cup was one of the Challenge Tournaments - tournaments that require achievement stars on a trainer card - held by Eon Casino during the Holon Arc. It was sponsored by Croagunk Cola and had a hover vehicle as its prize. Ren was the winner of the tournament as well as the only J-Team member to enter the tournament.


  • 4-on-4 Double Battle format.
  • Substitutions allowed.
  • No time limit.
  • No using two pokemon of the same species.
  • Restoration items not allowed.
  • Held items can be used.
  • Duplicate held items are allowed.
  • The first trainer to knock out all four of their opponent's Pokemon wins.
  • In case of a tie, the there will be a one-on-one 10-minute tie breaker rounds will be held until either trainer knocks out there opponent's mon.
  • Tie breaker rounds will continue until the tie is broken.
  • In the case a trainer cannot send out a pokemon for a tie breaker round they lose.
  • If a winner can still not be determined after both trainer have exhausted their pokemon, an audience vote will decide the winner.


The following are the known participants:

  • Veteran Coordinator Ren (winner)
  • Rising Star Tommy
  • Fashion Queen Mimi
  • Statistic Abuser Thomas
  • Elite Trainer Rika


  • All the one time NPC trainers where Expys of characters from the Digimon Franchise