Croagunk Cola

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Croagunk Cola, or Croak for short, is a popular brand of soda. The company sponsors the hit TV show Valiant Knight Skarmory. Drinking a mix of Croagunk Cola and [Pepsi Analogue] will cause a random part of the multiverse to explode.

The Jingle

The ads for Croak have a rather catchy jingle:

♫Crooooo-agunk Cola!♫

♫It tingles like a toxin!♫

♫Your tastebuds will be rockin'♫

♫and your mouth will love you so, oh~♫

♫Crooooo-agunk Cola!♫

♫Our pure Pastoria fizz-♫

♫Just proves we've in the biz♫

♫Of bringing, you joy. Oi!♫


  • Both in and out of universe the song was sung by Tangent.