Curse of Cain

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The Curse of Cain is the result of a blood curse placed on the Cain family by Eta Bismarck due to Lucanus' involvement in her father's death. It curses the members of the Cain family to be forever linked with tragedy and villainy until amends are met, and has lasted for more than 600 years.


Following a blood offering:

"By my blood, the blood of kings and sages, I curse thee."

"By my authority, the authority of kings and sages, I curse thee."

"By my name, a name of a king and a sage, I curse thee."

"By my hate, the hate of a king and a sage, I curse thee."

"Lucanus Cain, I curse thee and thine, until you are forgiven."

"Lucanus Cain, I curse thy blood, thy line, thy family."

"Lucanus Cain, I curse thee so that thy name shall be a name of villains, criminals, traitors, and scum."

"Of murderers, liars, thieves, and fools."

"Of dead men, depraved men, and lost men."

"So I curse thee, Lucanus Cain."


  • While the Curse of Cain was specifically invoked upon the descendants of Lucanus and Aiura in particular, the fate of Leonard Cain and the other descendants of Livius Cain implies that the curse affected other branches of the Cain family as well.