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Kai's mindscape is set in the equivalent of Historic Ellicott City, MD.


Sarah's personality aspects, which did not change in gender even after she made her transition, appear as Eskay did during times when each aspect was prominent during his life.

  • 5!Eskay
    • Wears a red t-shirt
    • Represents impulsivity
  • 10!Eskay
    • Wears a blue, long-sleeved shirt and glasses.
    • Represents kindness as well as loneliness.
  • 12!Eskay
    • Wears a dark gray jacket over a lighter gray shirt, as well as glasses.
    • Represents cynicism
  • 14!Eskay
    • Appears exactly as he did the night he kissed Psyche in Ilex Forest; see Pika's Character Portrait
    • Represents love
  • 15!Eskay
    • Wears a black zipped-up hoodie with a circular, gold emblem on the back. Unlike the rest of Sarah's aspects or her real self, he has gold eyes as well.
    • Represents manipulation, as well as her Heart of Gold.
  • 16!Eskay
    • Wears a brown duster coat which completely covers whatever clothes he might have underneath, except for his shoes. Has a bloody sword strapped behind him.
    • Represents regret and Sarah's Old Shames.
  • 18!Eskay aka Mezzo!Eskay
    • Is identical to Mezzo in appearance
    • Represents awkwardness, insecurity, and uncertainty, as well as Sarah's transgenderism. Also directly counters Sarah by representing what Eskay can never understand.
    • Is a byproduct of Eskay's body swap with Mezzo
    • Is responsible for Sarah's chocolate cravings.
  • 28!Eskay aka The Innovator
    • Appears as Eskay might if he were age 28, as well as still a guy.
    • Represents creativity, what could be, and what could have been.
  • Sarah
    • Appears as Sarah did during the course of Unova-2. Is wearing the outfit shown in the 2012 Groupshot.
    • Represents confidence and an alternate view on life as a sort of self-induced sanity check, although surprisingly not Sarah's transgenderism. Also happens to be the reason for Sarah's status as an Unfazed Everygirl, although this is weakened by 18!Eskay's existence.
  • Toxicroak!Sarah aka 17!Eskay
    • Appears as a masked, Toxicroak-suited hero-esque version of Sarah.
    • Leads the Fears.
    • Represents Sarah's changed Pokeform, her greatest fear of people including herself becoming what they seek to destroy, and her growing instability.

Other Personifications

The Fears:

  • Number 3
    • A living memory of the man who made AU!Eskay's lives hell.
  • Deimos
    • A copy of the victim of Sarah's greatest regret, out for seemingly insatiable revenge.
  • Five Toxicroak
    • A team of five, formerly six, Toxicroak, each representing one of the Toxicroak that has made her life miserable.
    • Runt, Grunt, and Brute
      • Deimos's three Toxicroak.
    • Makutacroak
      • The Delta Toxicroak that gave Eskay a permanent, almost fatal wound in Holon. Remains the most powerful of the five.
    • Poison Ivy
      • The Toxicroak that quite literally poisoned Ivy when Eskay was merely ten years old.
    • Caveman
      • The Toxicroak that imprisoned Eskay in PMD-A. Ascended to become Toxicroak!Sarah after Noir's curse.


  • Trolley Line #9
    • An abandoned trolley line, although the shops around the area still seem to be active.
    • The "entrance" to the mindscape
  • The Bridge of Dreams, the River of Dreams
    • A sturdy bridge over a flowing river, with water made of quickly-passing dreams.
    • Murky water plagued with nightmares.
  • Abandoned Train Station
    • An actual train is here, serving as a relic.
    • The exit to the Mindscape is located here.
  • Forget-Me-Not Memory Shop
    • Filled with books, pictures, and videos of memories of Sarah's past.
    • Form of media depends on clarity of the memory; in order of least to most clear:
      • Photograph
      • Book
      • Small screen movie player
      • High-quality projection
  • Apartments
    • "Safe zones" within the mindscape
  • Sarah Lane
    • The literal path to match the metaphorical one Sarah took in accepting her transgenderism.
    • Aspect!Sarah is now here, rendered helpless by her fears.