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Mezzopiano Morendo, or Mezzo for short, is a self-styled "Dark-type Fangirl" who met the group when she arrived in Fiore. She originally hails from Castelia City in Unova. Her goal is to one day become the world's first Dark type Gym Leader.


Mezzo always wears black. She tends to like loose, baggy clothing and rarely wears dresses or skirts. This combined with her short hair has caused many, many people to mistake her for a boy, including several people from the team when she first met them. She wears a pair of glasses, except in the AU, where she wears contacts instead.

Alternate Outfits:


Mezzo is usually a nice person, but does have a mean and occasionally violent streak. She loves candy and other sweets. She also has a tendency to sleep a lot.

Has a Mindscape.


Rex and Mezzo were friends before they joined the rest of the group. They first met in Jubilife City, where the clingy girl became rather attached to the younger, blue-haired gem and all but kidnapped her for a small adventure around the city.

Mezzo and Ever are dating, as of the AU arc. Previously, she had a crush on Grimsley of the Unova Elite Four.

Mezzo also had a brief crush on Pentigan when he was affected by the gender-swapping amulet.

Mezzo has two brothers and one sister. They are known as Forte, Pianis, and Fortis respectively.

Mezzo once asked Lily out on a date long ago, but it ended in violence. In the Another Universe, the two are still dating.

Further Details

  • Age: 24
  • Birthday: December 22, 1995
  • Starter Pokémon: Felis the Liepard
  • First appearance: Page 1667
  • Pokéform: Liepard (Purrloin in AU)
  • Favorite color: Black
  • Likes: Candy, sleep, video games
  • Dislikes: Mornings, alternate universes, mind reading, Neuron

In the AU

After Castelia City was taken over by Anom's Scolipede and Artemis, Mezzo surrendered to them and joined their army. She rose through the ranks until she became the governor of Black City, leading an army of Dark types known as the Black Guard. After a failed invasion of Undella Town to stop Napoleon's uprising, she became a double agent for the Resistance. She was utterly horrified by the actions she had committed when she regained her OT memories, and now her OT and AU selves violently hate each other.

Mezzo is the only surviving member of the Morendo family in the AU; all others were killed by either the Scolemis uprising or the Distortion.

Mezzo's Team



Some relevant items that Mezzo owns:

  • A black dress, usually only worn on special occasions.
  • A black one-piece swimsuit.
  • A large collection of umbrellas; notable ones include one red and white, one with Liepard patterns, and a black one with a sword hidden inside.
  • A large collection of swords, including a replica of Lucina's Falchion, at least one sword hidden inside an umbrella, and a blade with fractal edges mainly used as a cheese grater.
  • A bag of assorted treasures that she found on the Orange Islands. One of the more notable items inside is a set of three golden triangles.
  • A life-sized cardboard cutout of Grimsley, which she keeps in her room at home.
  • A collection of plushies including two identical Purrloin, an Inkay, a Houndour, an Umbreon, and a Purrloinsparce, the last one shared with Ever.
  • A handmade Eevee plushie made by Rex.
  • A cat toy on a string for Felis.
  • A stash of candy in her bag, which she ensures to keep stocked at every candy store she visits.
  • A laptop that Sunny uses to write fanfiction.
  • A set of Purrloin, Zorua, Umbreon, Absol, Mandibuzz, and Yveltal costumes each consisting of a pair of ears (or a horn) and a tail, or wings for the flying mons. All were given to her by Fortis.
  • A Dusk Globe.
  • A diary, which she occasionally writes in.
  • A book-shaped safe which contains a deck of Pokémon-themed Tarot cards.
  • A Silver Wing which actually belongs to Sunny, but Mezzo holds onto. It was given to him by Lugia due to his Soul of Silver.
  • An Organization XIII black cloak, used for cosplaying and concealing her identity from fans.
  • A black metal bracelet with a blue gemstone set inside, given to her by Ever for her birthday. It was revealed to be a Mega Ring in Laverre City.
  • A Z-Ring received from Nanu.
  • Mega Stones:
  • Z-Crystals:
    • TypeDark.gif Darkinium Z
  • TMs/HMs:
    • TypeDark.gif Taunt, Torment, Payback, Snarl, Hone Claws, Thief, Embargo, Dark Pulse
    • TypeNormal.gif Hidden Power
    • TypeFire.gif Flamethrower, Sunny Day
    • TypeGround.gif Earthquake
    • TypeFighting.gif Brick Break, Focus Blast, Bulk Up
    • TypeFlying.gif Fly, Aerial Ace, Roost
    • TypeWater.gif Surf, Waterfall, Dive, Scald
    • TypeRock.gif Stone Edge
    • TypePoison.gif Toxic, Poison Jab, Venoshock
    • TypeGrass.gif Solar Beam
    • TypeBug.gif X-Scissor
    • TypePsychic.gif Rest, Psychic
    • TypeGhost.gif Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw


See Mezzopiano Morendo/Quotes


  • Entered the Unova Hall of Fame before joining the group.
  • Helped defeat Cyrus and Primal Dialga to return the AU to the OU.
  • Played the lead role along with Yin in the Pokéstar Studios movie Eternal Darkness.
  • Helped seal the rifts between the Waking and Dream Worlds in Unova.
  • Defeated or assisted in defeating Marx, Magolor, and Queen Sectonia. For doing so she has become hailed as a hero of the Dream World.


  • Mezzo does not have an Attribute, but one of her Pokémon does.
  • Mezzo is one of three Dark type specialists in the group, the other two being Onion and Paresse. Of the three, she is the only one currently active.
  • Though she usually goes by Mezzo for short, she is known as "Piano" to her family, due to her brother being named Mezzoforte.
    • Kai and Alli also know her as Piano, due to having been introduced to her by Fortis.
  • No Pokémon in Mezzo's team knows Protect, and she thinks that the move is annoying and useless.
  • Mezzo has one mon from every fifth generation Dark type line except for Sandile.
  • Mezzo collects swords and most of her collection is kept sharpened, but she has little practice in swordsmanship and mainly keeps them for the aesthetic. However, she does have weapon proficiency in umbrella.
    • It is universally agreed among all of Mezzo's siblings that she should never own a gun.
  • Mezzo is a fan of several game series, particularly Last Legend and Empire Souls.
  • The only times Mezzo has not worn black are when she has borrowed clothes from someone else. This has happened twice: she and Ever swapped outfits for Tangent's Halloween party, and she had to borrow a dress from Fortis after Neuron teleported her from out of a bath.
  • There is still a debate going on in the in-universe fanbase as to Mezzo's true gender. She's been helping it along by making contradictory claims.
  • In the AU, she wears contacts instead of glasses.
  • Mezzo is left-handed. She shares this trait with Tagg, Sakura, and Fletcha.
  • A long-standing rumor in the fanbase is that Mezzo is a witch. Fortis, Lily, and Noelle, among others, all believe this to be true. She is characterized as a witch in the J-Team TV Show, but in reality, has no kind of supernatural power at all.
  • Mezzo is one of three known human characters who are sensitive to Skittynip, due to her feline Pokeform. The other two are Alli and Holly.
  • In the AU, Mezzo is no longer an exclusively Dark trainer due to owning some Pokémon that originally belonged to her siblings. However, every Pokémon she owns has at least one move effective against Psychics.
  • Mezzo managed to beat the Elite Four and Champion of Unova before she met the group, but only due to a huge amount of persistence; it took her 33 attempts to finally win.
  • Mezzo has a fear of having her mind read, and as such uses Sunny as a vulpine tinfoil hat.
  • All of Mezzo's pure Dark and Dark/Water mons are male. All of her dual typed non-Water mons are female.
  • Mezzo is a really heavy sleeper, and once managed to sleep through wild mons ransacking her campsite back when she was starting out.
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