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List of brand, franchise, product, and organization names in the WAAPT-verse based on RL things.

These brands may change their names slightly to both comply with LawyerFriendlyCameo and BlandNameProduct, and to give a more Pokémony flavor to various aspects of life in the WAAPT Pokéverse.

This listing is non-exhaustive.

Real World brand Pokéverse brand Other details
30Hs 23Js In-universe written by Hatbox; is a J-Team fic instead of a Harry Potter fic
The 100 The 151 Live-action television show
Alienware Elgyemware Gaming PC and laptop specialty company
Amazon Pinwheel Online shopping website
American Express Unovan Express Financial corporation
American Gods Unovan Gods Book
An American Tail An Unovan Tail Animated movie
Animal Crossing Pokémon Junction Community simulation videogame
Android Arondroid Mobile phone OS
Angry Birds Angry Pidgey Video game
Apple Leppa Corporation
The Aristocats The Espurristocrats Animated film
Arizona Orre Beverage company most famous for its iced tea; Despite the name is actually based east of Unova
Atlas Shrugged Tossing Off The Weight of the World Book
Auntie Anne's Auntie Chansey's Pretzel-based restaurant chain
Baskin-Robbins Delibird Ice Cream Ice-cream based chain, often paired with Ducklett Donuts.
Bass Pro Shop Basculin Pro Shop Sporting goods store
Batman Crobatman/Noivernman Superhero
Black Panther Ebony Liepard Superhero
Blizzard Entertainment Powder Snow Entertainment Software company
Bloodline Champions Heroes of Crimson Lineage Video game
BoJack Horseman BoJack Mudsdaleman Adult cartoon
Brand New Animal Brand New Pokémon Anime
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Skyarrow Nine-Nine Very popular and quotable police procedural sitcom
Burger King Burger Monarch Fast Food Franchise
Business Insider Business Outsider Business news website, part of greater Outsider Inc.
Chick-fil-a Torchic-fil-a Fast Food Franchise
Capcom Vs. Whatever J-Team vs. Capcom Video Game Franchise
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnamon Char Crisps Breakfast cereal marketed as inexplicably attractive to kids.
Chuck E. Cheese's Pete E. Pika Entertainment center
City of God City of Arceus [Brazilian] crime film.
Coca-Cola Croagunk Cola Soda
Danny Phantom Donny Poltergeist Cartoon series
Dark Souls Dim Hearts Videogame franchise
Diablo Darkrai Videogame franchise; the actual Darkrai disapproves
Has an expansion named Lord of Destruction, featuring Yveltal as the main antagonist.
Discovery Networks Contact Communications Inc. Television and media franchise focused on news, nonfiction, and edutainment
Dr Pepper Prof Bell Soft drink
Dragon Quest Dragonite Quest Videogame franchise
Dungeons & Dragons Caverns & Charizards Tabletop roleplaying game
Dunkin' Donuts Ducklett Donuts Bakery chain often paired with Delibird Ice Cream.
Ebony Obsidian Magazine targeted at the [African-American] community, centering around the lifestyles and accomplishments of famous Black people.
The Elder Scrolls The Ancient Inscriptions Videogame franchise
eBay EeveeBay Online auction website
Eternal Darkness Eternal Darkness A movie rather than a game; produced by Pokéstar Studios and starring Mezzopiano Morendo as Alex Roivas
"Eye of the Tiger" "Eye of the Pyroar" Song
Fallout: New Vegas Fallout: New Nimbasa
Fate / Grand Order Historica \ Ardent Command
FedEx Pidgeot Express Parcel delivery service, a rebranding of Pidgeot Transport mentioned in Episode 52 of the animé
Felidae Purrlidae Xenofiction Literature
Final Fantasy Last Legend Videogame franchise; individual games are known as "Episodes": ex. Last Legend Episode 9
Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Last Legend Episode 14: A World Renewed
Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Last Legend Episode 14: Skyguard
Fire Emblem Blazing Sigil Videogame franchise
Fox News Vulpix News News network; Part of the greater Vulpix corporation
Five Guys Six Dudes Fast food franchise
The French Connection The Kalosian Connection Crime thriller film from the 70s
Gamestop Gamefilch Videogame retail store
Gatorade Gatrade Energy drink
G.I. Joe Tinroof Jeff Military/special ops-inspired action figures
Goat Simulator Gogoat Simulator Videogame; Is a creation of Noir in this universe
The Godmonster of Indian Flats The Godmonster of Celestic Flats Indie horror film involving a giant mutated killer Mareep
Godzilla Arceuszilla [Japanese] Monster Movie Series about a 50 meter tall Tyranitar infused with energy from Victini after the WWII Analogue
Groundhog Day Watchog Day Film about a reporter stuck in a time loop on the day he must cover the eponymous event, commemorating the famed Watchog, Driftveil Dave.
Gumtree Honey Tree Ad website
Halo Disk Videogame franchise
Harry Potter Henry Parker Book series and film franchise.
Heroes of Might and Magic Champions of Strength and Sorcery Turn based strategy franchise; a spinoff of an RPG franchise called Strength and Sorcery
Iams Pokems Pet food brand
"i" Series iPhokex MP3 Players, tablets, and phones made by Leppa.
Incredibles Unbelievables Animated movie series.
In-N-Out Out-N-About Popular Angelan burger joint.
Instagram Imperapic Mobile Photo Sharing Program
Jessica Jones Hannah Hara Netflix sponsored superhero show.
Kentucky Fried Chicken Kentucky Fried Torchic Fast Food Franchise
Kim Possible Cathy Capable Teen action hero cartoon series about a go-getter female protagonist and an alolan rattata sidekick. The remake portrayed the sidekick in cringey CGI.
Kingdom Hearts Empire Souls Videogame franchise; Final Mixes are referred to as Last Cuts
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Empire Souls: Creation by Slumber
Kopi Luwak Nidoccino/S**t Coffee An infamous blend of coffee that involves digestive processes (in this case that of a nidoran) to release flavor. Synthetic versions made by artificial means are now available.
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Grasswhistle of the Eons
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Conductor of the Breeze
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Heavenly Blade
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Chain Across Dimensions
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Depth of the Horizon
Little Pie Company Little Poké Puff Company Unova-based bakery franchise.
Magic: The Gathering Wizardry: The Convergence Collectible card game
Marvel Comics Miracle Comics Comic franchise
Masterfoods Pokémon Masterfoods Spices and seasonings company.
McDonald's McDonald's Fast food chain known for releasing ridiculously durable J-Team toys in its Happy Meals
Mega Man Legends Giga Golurk Man Third installment of the series cancelled during the Gold Conference, prompted riots in Celadon City.
Miraculous Ladybug Miraculous Ledyba Kalosian superhero cartoon show. Note that actual superheroes Coxyclaque and Chacripan Bleu, analogues of Ladybug and Chat Noir, exist in the RP, although their relation to the in-universe cartoon is uncertain.
Monster Hunter Creature Tracker Videogame series
Mountain Dew Mew Dew Soda
My Little Pony My Little Blitzle Television franchise.
NASDAQ JOLTIQ Major stock exchange; is based in Castelia City.
National Geographic Geographic Society Organization dedicated to promoting an appreciation of science, culture, and education.
NCIS SICN (Slateport Investigation of Crimes for the Navy) Television show based on naval police
Nightmare on Elm Street Nightmare in Canalave City Horror movie franchise
Omeagle Omeargle Anonymous chat service
Pact Covenant Web novel written by the same author as Wurmple
Penguin Books Piplup Classics Publication company
Pepsi [PEPSI ANALOGUE] Drink brand. Yes, it is treated in-universe as a bracketed thing.
Persona Anima Videogame series, part of the greater SDK franchise
Pesterchum Hasslemon In-universe IM client from Homestuck
Pidgin Pidgey IM Software
Plants vs Zombies Oddish vs Dusknoir Videogame Franchise
Playbox Gamechest A small game store located in Lumiose.
Pokémon Capsule Monsters/Capumon Multimedia franchise based on the original concept for Pokémon.
Pokémon Go Capumon Go AR Game.
Pokémon Shuffle Capumon Jumble Freemium puzzle game
Power Rangers Prism Rangers Live action superhero franchise
Quiznos Quiznos Identical in every way to its real world equivalent.
Radioshack Radioshack Electronics retailer;
is a provider of EVIL materials that Jemma buys from
Ratchet and Clank Space Cadet Victini Videogame Franchise
Reddit Cindat Social news and media aggregation website.
RWBY MRLD Web animation series by Roosterteeth; name comes from "emerald", much like how "RWBY" comes from "ruby"
Sapporo Beer Kotobuki Beer Brewery, name comes from the Japanese name for Jubilife City, whose RL analogue is Sapporo.
Scooby-Doo Scooby-Doom Cartoon franchise; the title character is a Houndoom.
Sharknado Sharpednado Film
Shin Megami Tensei Shin Densetsu Kakusei Videogame Franchise; Shin Densetsu Kakusei means "True Legend Awakening", like how SMT means "True Goddess Reincarnation"
Signal Signal Beam Encrypted communications app
Snakes and Ladders Sevipers and Ladders Board game.
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Sandslash Videogame franchise
Sotheby's Saltheby's Luxuries and collectibles brokerage. Used to be the primary stakeholder for Lumiose City's Illumis Auction House.
Splatoon Brigoo Videogame
Squirrel Girl Pachirisu Girl Comic series published by Miracle Comics
Starcraft StellarCreation Videogame franchise
Starbucks Starmiebucks Coffee chain
Steven Universe Stefan Galaxy Animated show
Street Fighter Type: Wild Fighting Game franchise; 'Type: Wild' is a reference to Pokémon: Type Wild, a Pokémon-themed fighting fangame made using the M.U.G.E.N engine.
Superman Awesomeguy/Uberman Superhero franchise that's certainly seen better days. The latter title is used more in older media. He has a female cousin, Uberfraulein/Awesomegal, who had a more successful television adaptaiton.
The Sun The Moon Galarian tabloid newspaper.
Super Bowl Golden Saucer Finals of the football season set in [the United States]
Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. Videogame Franchise; all entries in the franchise have the same names as in reality
Supernatural Abnormal Mystery series.
Team Fortress 2 Hat Simulator 2 The world's number one hat simulator with guns!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja 'Tortles Franchise
Tekken Pokkén Fighting Game franchise, effectively identical to the real-life game Pokkén Tournament (developed by Bandai Namco, the creators of Tekken).
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Unova Chainsaw Massacre Slasher film franchise
That Guy With The Glasses The Dude With The Spectacles Comical review site
The Thing The Space Virus Film
Tide Ebb Pods Laundry detergent. Unlike their IRL counterpart, they are actually non toxic.
TV Tropes TV Idioms Media analysis website, known for getting people to wikiwalk with frightening frequency
Twitter Chatter Social network
The World Ends with You What a Wonderful World Videogame Franchise; similar to the Japanese name
Undertale Stories Below Video game
Uber Gruber Ride-sharing service
Victoria's Secret Volcarona's Secret Lingerie store
Waffle House Pancake Shack Restaurant chain
Warcraft BattleCreation Videogame franchise
The Wicker Man The Wicker Mon Film
Without a Trace Trace Disabled Procedural Detective TV series
Worm Wurmple Web novel
Yelp Welp Review aggregator site