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A messaging system which allows Pokémon to communicate with other Pokémon while they're inside of their Balls. Based off of Pesterchum from Homestuck.

It functions like an IM system, where anymon can attempt to communicate with another user, also called hassling them. A mon can only be part of one conversation at once, though, so if they wanted to hassle somemon not in the conversation, they would need to exit the current conversation first. However, mons not currently part of a conversation that attempt to hassle a mon in a conversation will join the conversation with the other mons.

There is also a function which allows users to create memos which can be accessed by and responded to by anymon who knows of their existance until they are closed by the one who created them. Notifications regarding the creation of and new responses to memos can be sent to users even if they are part of another conversation.

There was a patch made in early 2016 which allowed users to send messages to and receive them from cell phones as well.

The Jingle

♪ Hasslemon, ♪

♪ Hasslemon, ♪

♪ We're an open-source project and this ad costs, ♪

♪ Too much! ♪

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