J-Team vs. Capcom

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J-Team vs. Capcom is a fighting game in the Capcom vs. Whatever series, featuring the J-Team.

Known Fighters

  • Anom: Can switch between blue-haired and brown-haired stances.
  • Carol: Fights with an anchor and slapping people senseless.
  • Daisy: Uses teleport spam.
  • Diane: Can switch between Human and Staraptor forms.
  • DS: Can stop time for a few seconds.
  • Eskay: Has both male and female costumes.
  • Ever: Lacks special moves, but deals damage when blocking.
  • Herbert: Unknown fighting style, but is apparently severely underpowered.
  • Mezzo: Fights using darkness-based magic.
  • Psyche: Has two Fighting styles, an incredibly cheap MIND CRUSH attack that instantly faints the opponent after a few seconds, and a more conventional style that models her AU counterpart's tendency to fight with her army. Each jab, kick, etc, is used by a mon.
  • Slouch: Unknown combat style, but is rather broken. If he loses, he explodes.
  • Straw: Fights using a whip.
  • Tagg: Is described as a Lightning Bruiser, uses Aura.
  • Umbra: Has his "Ghost Lord" self as a "Warrior Form."
  • Wolf: Has kick-based gameplay, not considered high-tier.
  • Zeal: Lethal Joke Character.

DLC characters

  • Dune: Fights using his Hagane no Tsume forms. Very difficult to play, as his form switching is very touchy. Immune to Psyche's MIND CRUSH for balance reasons.
  • Pianis: Fights with ice-based magic.
  • Sam: Most of his attacks are silly and don't do much on their own, but a certain string of combos makes him a Lethal Joke Character.
  • Ren: Fights by swapping between three modes (Rehearsal, Showtime, and Finale). Tricky to play, as he's limited at the start, but grows exponentially during the course of the fight
    • Ren has a clone character, Sword Ren. Sword Ren wields the Blade of Kusanagi and becomes a more orthodox character with faster movements and his standard attacks that are more potent. Sword Ren play-style effectively reverses Ren's, as the point is to stay out of Finale Mode.
    • Ren and Sword Ren also have special DLC alternate costume pack called "Lovers Promise". This DLC features Ren in his Empoleon costume and Borked!Kitsune and Rio swapping roles for certain specials.
  • Colton: A teleport rushdown character who also has access to a counter that lets him perform full combos afterwards. Fights with his Night Slash Claws and other tools from his Obscuric Armory.

Boss Rush Mode

The game has a Boss Rush mode, which pits the player against a number of villains from both Capcom and the J-Team's history. Defeating the Retired Players Onslaught at the end unlocks all of the characters within it as playable characters.