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Name: Straw Aspear
Nickname: none
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Demisexual
Age: 22 (As of 2017)
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Ethnicity: Asian
Birthday: October 8, 1995
Home: Saffron City
Pokéform: Ditto
Starter: Aurora and Crescent

Straw is a 22 (15 at time of joining) year old trainer from Saffron City, Kanto. He was formerly a Pokemon Ranger, but quit due to feeling unable to do his job after being mauled by a Tyranitar and watching one of his Pokemon die. He then went on a Pokemon journey at the recommendation of his parents. Since then, he has beaten the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova Pokemon Leagues. He spent 3 years as a Pokemon Ranger after turning 10(though 1 was spent in training), and spent a few years as a Pokemon trainer, before deciding to return to being a Pokemon Ranger, feeling that he was in a better state than he was previously.

The Beginning

Straw was born in Saffron City. His father works at Silph Co., while his mother works in the Magnet Train station. Although he lived near several other children, he preferred to play with some of the local Pokemon. These Pokemon included a small family of Eevee, a stray Eevee that lived around the train station, and a Ditto who was abandoned by its trainer. The stray Eevee became known as Crescent, Straw's Umbreon, and the Eevee family's daughter became known as Aurora, Straw's Espeon. Straw witnessed Ditto being taken by Team Rocket, but was unable to do anything about it. He has not see him since. Straw's family eventually adopted Aurora's family, as well as Crescent's sister, Ariel, who was found inside Silph Co. Straw's sister Nicole took Ariel as her first Pokemon. A few months after Straw's 10th birthday, he set out for Almia and the Ranger Academy. After completing training, Straw received Envy, a Nincada at the time, as a gift from his father. He soon bonded with Envy just as he did with Aurora and Crescent. However, two years later Straw ended up in Tyranitar territory. A territorial Tyranitar killed Envy, and severely injured Straw. Straw recovered, but was left with a fear of Tyranitar. As a result, Straw quit his job as a Pokemon Ranger, being physically and emotionally weakened by the attack.


Straw is a generally nice and caring person to everyone, though he will not forgive you if you abuse or maliciously hurt Pokemon without good reason. Sometimes he can be a bit awkward around other people, other times he can forget that someone is there.


He is Crewe's boyfriend, and Nicole's older brother. He is also good friends with Elise.

In the AU

Straw is still a Pokemon Ranger. Because he never received Envy from his father, she never died in Oblivia. Straw is currently stationed in Johto, near Olivine City. Straw eventually dies from a fatal stab wound during the Dragons' attack on Johto, at least in the PMD-B timeline.

In the Lillifuture timeline, Straw is Serena's father.


Likes: Almost all Pokemon, Saffron City, living

Dislikes: Tyranitar, Pokemon abuse, Esprit, dying

Straw has a tendency to cheat death, so much that Yveltal has vowed that they will one day have his soul for good.

Straw's Team
On Hand:Aurora196Mini.pngPalutena700Mini.pngCatherine655Mini.pngLucy678fMini.pngZangetsu681Mini.pngHades691Mini.pngSatan666msnMini.pngMinuette077Mini.png
Silence291Mini.pngLuna457Mini.pngIron Maiden563Mini.pngHex609Mini.pngTalon567Mini.pngSpyder137Mini.pngCaliburn227Mini.pngCrescent197Mini.pngMisery359Mini.pngBonecrusher306Mini.pngValkon604Mini.pngNaida350Mini.png
At Home:Ignis513Mini.pngVriska596Mini.png
As last seen in: Kalos