Caliburn (Straw)

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Caliburn is Straw's Skarmory.


Caliburn grew up on Route 113 in Hoenn. For the longest time, he only know one other Skarmory, his mother. He never learned what happened to his father, but assumes he died before he was born. His mother pushed him to befriend some of the other Skarmory, feeling that he needed friends. Caliburn managed to find a few other Skarmory chicks to hang with, as there were few Skarmory living there. Those chicks were Ace and Halberd. Eventually, Caliburn's mother left him too, saying that it was time for her to leave. Caliburn knew that this day would come, since his mother had been acting strange recently. He never though much of it since many Skarmory go through the same thing.

After a while, Caliburn began to pick up things from the various humans who passed through. He learned about Pokemon trainers, glass flutes, gym badges, etc. He also began to notice that many of the Skarmory began to get captured by trainers, causing the local population to fall. Ace, Caliburn, and Halberd never seemed to get caught. At least, until Straw caught Caliburn. Initially, he resented his capture, feeling as if he'd never see his friends again. But Straw allowed him to say goodbye before leaving, promising that he'd bring him back to see them someday. He unintentionally fulfilled this by bringing him back when everyone went to visit Hoenn.


Caliburn has the ability Sturdy.


Caliburn doesn't like having to fight for no reason. He prefers to try and reason with his foe instead. He is also kind natured, and doesn't like to see other Pokemon being bullied. Caliburn also tends to form strong connections to those that he loves, making it very hard to break them.


Caliburn and Helryx are colleagues, both of them being brainy, Helryx especially. He is also in love with Skye, who he met in Ecruteak-B, although the feeling is unrequited.

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