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Zero is Straw's Zoroark.


Baby Zero was captured by a Poacher in Lostlorn forest. There, his parents fought to save him, however they failed. The Poacher captured them too, however they broke free and attacked him. This caused the poacher to have to kill them. Zero was in a cage in the back of the jet they were in, and did not see his parents die. The poacher took him and the rest of the mons on board to Oblivia to be sold on their black market. Straw happened to be there, so was assigned a mission to take down the poacher. However, when Straw got there, the poacher had sold all of his Pokemon except for Zero and a sickly Rattata. Straw was able to successfully free the two Pokemon. During this, the little Zorua grew fond of Straw as they went back to the Ranger base. After leaving the Rattata and Zero in the rangers' care, they noticed Zero would constantly follow Straw around. This caused Straw to take in the Zorua. Due to already having Aurora and Crescent, Straw was forced to send Zero to his house in Saffron City.

During Straw's Pokemon Journey

After Straw decided to go the trainer route, having left his occupation as a Pokemon Ranger, Zero rejoined Straw. During their trek through Unova, Straw caught a Litwick named Hex. Hex eventually tried to use her ghost powers to mess with people. These pranks often had unwanted side-effects. For Zero, it rendered him mute for a good while. Only when Straw obtained a machine that restores muteness from Orre did this end.


Zero joined Team Shadow, a team made of thieves. He was caught up in the Honchkrow, Poe's coup to take over the team. However, he made friends with the leader of the team, Kerrin, and his mentor, Frigid. Together, they fought Poe and the other former members for revenge. In doing so, Zero almost died from a fall. Zero was on the edge of death, and had to choose; stay in the world of the living, or die and see his family again. In doing so, he finally learns the truth about his parents' fate. Zero chooses to stay in the realm of the living.

In the AU

Zero did not change much from how he was in the OT. However, in the AU, he was never captured by a poacher. Instead he lived in Lostlorn Forest with his family. After meeting Straw again, he was reunited with his friends, and forgave Hex for what she had accidentally done to him in the OT.


Zero's ability is Illusion


Early on, Zero used to be very child like, expressing desires to be a tree. This changed as time went on. He began to mature starting in the Orange Islands. With this, Zero started to become curious about things. He would sometimes steal things to see if he could get away with it. To his shock, he often could. However, seeing what happens when thieves clash in Team Shadow, caused him to rethink his actions of thievery.

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