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Bonecrusher is Straw's Aggron.


Bonecrusher first met Straw as an Aron in the Granite Cave. During Bonecrusher's childhood, he was often teased for being the weakest out of all the Aron there. In particular, there was a FEAR Aron that would bully him. All the bullying and teasing caused Bonecrusher to adopt his name, "Bonecrusher" in order to boost his confidence. He began to train, and eventually got to the point where he was almost the same power level as the rest of them.

When Straw and Bonecrusher revisit the cave, he meets the FEAR Aron, now an Aggron as well. With encouragement from Naida, Bonecrusher fights him, and wins.


Bonecrusher's ability is Sturdy.


Bonecrusher is a very kind natured and caring Aggron, contrary to what his name would suggest. He often scares little mons, despite only wanting to say hi.


He is no relationships, but does feel close to Daffodil and Naida.

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