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Crescent is Straw's Umbreon.


Crescent was a stray Pokémon on the streets of Saffron City until Straw's mother found him and his sister Ariel at the Magnet Train station. Nobody knows where his parents are, or if they are even alive. Crescent soon bonded with Aurora, Straw's other Eevee. He and Aurora went with Straw to the Ranger School in Almia. Crescent has an interest in cards and their various games.


Crescent's ability is Synchronize.


Crescent is a fatherly mon, often very protective of those he cares about. When he gets very angry, he can go into a blind rage, attacking the source of his anger.


He is close to Zero and Aurora. He has a crush on the latter, often getting jealous of how much time she spends with Borealis. He is also constantly lusted over by Nymph, but Crescent does not reciprocate any feelings towards her.

In the AU

Crescent is relatively unchanged.

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