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Aurora is Straw's Espeon.


Aurora grew up in the alleyways of Saffron City, being a part of a family of stray Eevees. She was eventually befriended by a young Straw. Eventually, Straw's family took in Aurora's. However, Aurora's father had already died, so it was just Aurora and her mother left. Aurora soon befriended another Eevee Straw had found, Crescent. The two became fast friends, eventually accompanying straw to the Ranger School in Almia.


Aurora has the ability Synchronize.

Special Moves

Aurora knows the secret move Snap Tail. This move was taught to her by Solstice, a delta Espeon.


Aurora is usually a kind natured Espeon, however she can be snarky at times.


She has a close relationship with Naida and Crescent. She is unsure about her feelings for Crescent, but after seeing him beat up Borealis, her feelings have become even more shifted. Eventually, she chooses Borealis, and later they have a baby, Palutena.

In the AU

Aurora was not much different than she was in the OU, however, she does mourn the loss of her mother. Her father is still alive though.

Other Details

She has three plushies, A Ditto named Changeling, and two Eevees, Rainbow and Amos.

Straw's Team
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