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A list of articles on Pokémon. Here are included the various Pokémon specimens in WAAPT.

Listing is also categorized by Trainer or by species, as well as gender (male, female and genderless).

To add your Pokémon to this category add the relevant tags at the end of their article, for example on Nadia's page:

[[Category:Tracer's Pokémon]] <-- [trainername]'s Pokémon if held by a Trainer
[[Category:Female Pokémon]] <-- [male|female] Pokémon, if not genderless
[[Category:Bagon]] <-- species; note the use of the base morph
[[Category:Pokémon]] <-- this is optional, but helps

Others include:

[[Category:Bred Pokémon]] <-- If at least one of their parents happens to be a trained mon
[[Category:Shadow Pokémon]] <-- If it is or used to be a Shadow Pokémon
[[Category:Starter Pokémon]] <-- If it happened to be [trainername]'s first Pokémon
[[Category:Legendaries]] <-- If it's a Legendary or Mythical Pokémon
[[Category:Shiny Pokémon]] <-- If shiny
[[Category:Ultra Beasts]] <-- If an Ultra Beast
[[Category:Mega Pokémon]] <-- If it has achieved Mega Evolution
[[Category:Gigantamax Pokémon]] <-- If it is capable of Gigantamaxing 
[[Category:Pokémon with unique appearances]] <-- If their physical appearance is different in a way that doesn't involve being shiny, wearing clothing, or other canon alterations such as regional variants
[[Category:Preserve Pokémon]] <-- If caught at a preserve such as a Safari Zone
[[Category:Dream World Pokémon]] <-- If originally from the Dream World
[[Category:EX-Pokémon]] <-- If an EX-Pokémon


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