Benjamin (Carol)

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Benjamin is Carol's Audino.


Age: 10 months

Gender: Male

Ability: Healer

Nature: Gentle

Known Moves: Heal Pulse


Benjamin is a dreamer, always looking on the bright side with high hopes for the future. Although nervous after his capture, he quickly caught on to Carol's agenda. His dream is to become an Elite Four Pokémon, a dream he believes can be accomplished by joining Carol's team. He is well-versed and serves as the heart of the team, as well as the healer.

Achievements and Events

  • Was caught in Virbank Complex
  • Was boxed sometime before Carol's re-introduction.
Carol's Team
On Hand : Cynthia157Mini.pngBabe181Mini.pngSeven022Mini.pngRiver030Mini.pngParis168Mini.pngPoindexter562Mini.png
In Box : Benjamin531Mini.pngEmi028Mini.png
As last seen in: Mossdeep City, Hoenn