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Poindexter is Carol's Yamask.


Age: 2 months

Gender: Male

Ability: Mummy

Nature: Serious

Known Moves: None


Poindexter is incredibly intelligent and uses proper English and grammar at all times. He loves technology (especially Carol's Pokegear) and is knowledgeable on a large array of subjects, despite being so young. He has prodigious ASCII art skills.

Achievements and Events

- hatched in Humilau City Pokémon Center (birthday May 26, 2013)

Carol's Team
On Hand : Cynthia157Mini.pngBabe181Mini.pngSeven022Mini.pngRiver030Mini.pngParis168Mini.pngPoindexter562Mini.png
In Box : Benjamin531Mini.pngEmi028Mini.png
As last seen in: Mossdeep City, Hoenn