Carol E. Quarter

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Carol's current appearance.
Name: Carol E. Quarter
Nickname: none
Gender: Female
Sexuality: -
Age: 19
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Ethnicity: -
Birthday: December 27, 1998
Trainer ID: -
Home: Olivine City
Pokéform: Spheal
Starter: Cynthia

Carol is a 19-year-old trainer from Olivine City, Johto. About five months prior to her debut, she took off for New Bark and received her starter, Cynthia the Quilava, from Professor Elm. Carol has earned eight gym badges.


At her debut, Carol was described as having a stocky build, straight, shoulder-length brown hair, and gray eyes. She wore a light blue t-shirt and red sport pants from 2012 until 2014. As of 2015, she's switched her wardroe to include darker colors and has cut her hair short, leaving two shoulder-length sidetails.


Carol grew up in Olivine City, Johto's port town. Being a sailor's daughter, she often went on sailing expeditions with her father, admiring the other sailors and their tough Pokemon. At age 13 she borrowed her mother's Fearow and traveled to New Bark Town, where she started her journey.


Carol is extroverted and often butts into conversations to add her twenty-five cents. She is quite hammy and it is not uncommon to find her slamming a door open or simply getting overexcited. She is one to jump into any adventure without thinking, though she is responsible deep down and does work to solves problems if the need arises.

Carol's former appearance.


  • Carol considers herself friends with Tagg, as the two spent some time traveling together. She looks up to and admires him, and is impressed by his travels.
  • Carol knew Kai as an acquaintance, but only became friends with her after April Fools Day in 2013. The two are now much closer.
  • Sam and Carol are close friends, though the latter was unaware of the former's feelings towards her. He has since given up on going after her, however.
  • Lina was the first person Carol met on her journey and holds her as a friend. Umbra is also a close acquaintance of hers.
  • Carol is closest friends with Herbert, though she has very little knowledge on his feelings for her. She has since begun to reciprocate, though she is confused by said feelings and still holds Herbert as simply a friend. Since they met back up, she is most looking forward to traveling with him again.


Carol's parents live in Olivine City, where her father works as a sailor.

She is the descendant of Carolynn.


  • Carol identifies as bisexual, but is not out to anyone.
  • Her love of tomato-and-cheese sandwiches arises from her aversion to meat, though she is not strictly a vegetarian.
  • She has a secret love of cartoons and girly things, but hides this part of herself.
  • She, along with Cynthia, violates the One Steve Limit.

Carol's Team
On Hand : Cynthia157Mini.pngBabe181Mini.pngSeven022Mini.pngRiver030Mini.pngParis168Mini.pngPoindexter562Mini.png
In Box : Benjamin531Mini.pngEmi028Mini.png
As last seen in: Mossdeep City, Hoenn