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Name: Richard Yhap-Waite
Nickname/Alias: Tagg, Kingfish (As a Phantom Thief)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heteroromantic Gray-A
Age: 32
Height: 6'3" (190.5 cm)
Ethnicity: Black primarily (Both parents), mixed with Crown Tundran (paternal), Pokéverse [Chinese] (maternal), and [Jewish] (paternal)
Birthday: July 3, 1991
Attribute: Soul of Silver
Trainer ID: 26853
Home: Easel Town, Kanto
Pokéform: Swampert
Starter: Venusaur
Status: Alive
Tagg as of 2018, by zu-art.

Tagg is a 31 year old Pokemon Trainer (19 at the start of the RP) and a PEFE Researcher hailing from Easel Town near Viridian City in Kanto. A natural explorer, he happens to be one of the founding members of the PEFE and the J-Team as well as a fairly successful trainer, having been one for about 13 years of his life. Within the PEFE, he specializes in Field Research and Wilderness Survival.



Unusually for a Kantonese citizen, Tagg is of Afro-Caribbean analogue descent among other things (His parents being born in the analogue of the Carribean, and his father growing up in Unova) and is about 6'3" in height. He tends to wear grey or green hoodies with jeans except when it gets extremely cold, and always has a blue baseball cap on.

Cold weather

In wintry environments, Tagg wears a thick hooded coat over his hoodie, as well as black gloves, thick winter boots for deep snow, and a Mudkip print scarf.

Other Outfits

Within PEFE HQ, Tagg always wears his labcoat over whatever he's wearing at the moment. As for the Leavanny Suit, it can be best described as what happens when a Leavanny outfit is combined with an Assassin's outfit.


Personality-wise Tagg is very introverted, preferring to keep to himself and saying very little. He can also be rather absent-minded at times, especially when it comes to his job. Tagg happens to be fairly pragmatic and ruthless when dealing with particularly nasty enemies (especially Cipher), having even killed a couple himself, which has led to him being more feared than loved outside of his inner circle. To those in said circle, however, he is known as a dedicated friend who nonetheless needs others to keep him from pushing his limits into dangerous territory.

Due to many other J-Team members being younger and/or less experienced than he is, Tagg views himself as the group sentinel and if necessary the guy who has to shoot the proverbial Lillipup so that the others don't have to. As a result he also views himself as rather tainted and surrounded by corpses.

He does to some extent wish that he could live a life without constant danger, but overall likes being In Harms Way to some extent, minus the traumas to himself and others.


Tagg was born in that very same town, and often spent his early years exploring the backwoods surrounding his home. It was on one of these very occasions that he nearly became a Froslass' new ice sculpture at the age of six, but managed to get away through an accidental use of his Aura powers, something he wouldn't truly discover until years later. Tagg also had very little friends growing up, leading him to become very withdrawn for the most part, except where science and Pokémon were concerned.

The Start of A Very Long Journey: Kanto and Johto

At the age of 10, Tagg ended up visiting Pallet Town in order to get a starter Pokemon from Professor Oak to begin his Pokemon journey. Said starter Pokemon turned out to be a Bulbasaur, and Tagg decided to go out and get all eight Kanto badges, succeeding in doing so and becoming a Champion at the age of ten. Soon afterwards, he decided to try his hand at the second half of the Indigo League, eschewing his Kanto team for a new one forged in Johto. During both instances, he also served as a junior researcher for both Professor Oak and Elm.

Exploring Hoenn

When Tagg was 13 years old, he decided to try his hand at the Hoenn League. Coincidentally, his arrival in the region coincided with Team Aqua and Magma's attempts to capture Kyogre and Groudon, and he happened to be in Sootopolis for their clash.


Sometime after Hoenn, Tagg decided to visit Orre for relatively undefined reasons, though it was likely because he wanted to explore. While visiting he ended up exploring the Under and getting trapped down there when Cipher took it over. It was there when he witnessed a Cipher Peon brutally murder a group of Trainers and mons for attempting to oppose them, and tried to add Tagg to that list, but he and his teammates managed to escape. After managing to escape, he met Megg of the Kids Grid and assisted them in combating Cipher before escaping to give word to the outside with the help of Nett. At some indeterminate time after the first Cipher incident was resolved, he ended up battling and winning against the former Cipher Admin Miror B., causing him to swear revenge for being defeated by a kid.

And Then What?: Joining the PEFE

The next two years of Tagg's life were mostly spent exploring and wandering up and down Pokepan (With a brief return to Orre to beat the Mt. Battle challenge), but he couldn't help but feel that something was missing. At the age of 16, on the sixth anniversary of his training career, he came to visit Professor Oak in an attempt to find a direction in his life. Professor Oak informed Tagg of the PEFE, and he got in contact with Tangent not long afterwards. Sometime later he met up with Silent and Tracer at the old PEFE HQ, and together with Tangent the PEFE was forged.

The first couple months were spent doing research on various species either alone or in a group. However, it was one incident that truly changed their destinies. While doing research on the Swablu and Altaria populations of central Hoenn, Tagg, Silent, and Tracer were attacked by a group of firearm wielding poachers. Afterwards, upon examining a truck that the poachers were operating from, the trio of researchers found a rather unique symbol that they hadn't seen before. Around Christmas of that year Tangent figured out the origins of the symbol, that it belonged to a corporation known as Pokefutures Inc. operating out of the Angela region.

A few months afterwards, the PEFE Founders staged a raid on the main Pokefutures HQ in order to reveal their corrupt activities to the world, with Tagg's job being to make sure that the media got word of what was going on. Due to taking refuge in a Kantonese embassy, Tagg avoided getting arrested like the others. Due to sending Angela's economy in jeopardy as a result of their actions, Tagg and the other PEFEers ended up having to take over all of Pokefutures assets, leading to the PEFE's modern iteration being formed.

Sinnoh Adventures

After a boat ride, Tagg ended up in Sinnoh where he acquired Gaia from Professor Rowan in Sandgem. Much like in Hoenn, Tagg found himself battling yet another evil team during the course of his journey, this time the forces of Team Galatic. Unknowingly helping DS along the way, he ended up making it to Lake Valor first following the detonation of the Galactic Bomb, and took his anger out on the local Grunts, only stopping once Saturn's forces showed up, forcing him to make a getaway.

While DS took on the Veilstone HQ of Team Galactic, Tagg led a one team assault of an offroute Galactic base, leading to the defeat of Galactic Commander Neptune, who would later go on to be a thorn in Tagg's side during the AU arc. Soon afterwards, he and his mons scaled Mt. Coronet in order to assist DS, Cynthia, and the rest during the events on the Spear Pillar, holding the line against a mass effusion of Galactic Grunts to do so. Unfortunately, they were incapable of actually making it up there due to taking too long to defeat the Grunts. After that, Tagg ended up challenging and winning against the Sinnoh League.

18 Years Old: I Don't Wanna Be An Adult!

Tagg's life as an 18 year old was more or less the same as his early teens, though Cobalt had rejoined his main team. At one point he ended up solving a mystery in Alamos Town, and visited the Arctic Circle to research Spheal for the PEFE. It was also during this time that Nudi ended up having an unfortunate meeting with Sonny which left him with a fear of the Honchkrow.

A Bond Is Forged

When Tagg was 19, he ended up going on a plane ride to Sinnoh, where he met Gamer, Daisy, Jane, and Anom for the first time. Feeling bored, he decided to follow Jane and Anom on their journey to Snowpoint Temple when he ended up fighting David and Leena, Missingno's existence as more than an urban myth being revealed in the process. He joined in many fights against the Glitch, culminating when a possessed Palkia threw the proto J-Team into PMD-A, where Tagg was transformed into a Mudkip.

While he temporarily lost his memory and was separated from everyone but Nudi, he was able to regain his memories and rejoin the others. During the course of their adventures, Tagg and a number of the others managed to fully evolve, which came in handy fighting against Missingno for the last time, despite the mind rape they all were forced to suffer. Afterwards he separated from the others before meeting up with Jane and Anom in Hoenn, where they explored an underwater Unown ruin before being transported by the Unown to the Sinjoh Ruins, where they had Palkia help them with a problem in their home dimension. Following an earlier incident with Jane, the group then headed to Unova.

The Second Glitch

In Unova, Tagg and the others found themselves tested again, this time by the Glitch known as 'M. At the same time, he met Wolf in Nuvema, who he was rather suspicious of at first. During the fight at the Pokémon League Tagg had gotten knocked out, and therefore missed Wolf and Jane dying, being particularly 'M nearly managed to defeat the J-Team at his lair in Glitch City, but thanks to Anom's sacrifice, he was defeated for good. Following 'M's defeat, Tagg managed to obtain Helios as an egg, and caught Thresher and Coulomb offscreen. Before that he ended up participating in the battle against Ghetsis and Shadow Kyurem, and personally punched Ghetsis in the face upon his defeat. It was also around this time that he met Fool, befriended her while attempting to teach her literacy, and found out that Neptune had escaped from prison.

Ranger Regions: Forming the J-Team

During their time in Oblivia, Tagg's relations with Wolf and Anom became strained due to their hiding their Heart Swap from the rest of the group, to the point that he seriously considered leaving. Following the reveal, their relationship was mended. On the way to Mt. Layuda, where a number of the group ended up injured, Tagg ended up carrying Fool to safety after Tagg was also the one who summoned Lugia from his home in an undersea cave in unison with Pentigan. During their fight at the Sky Fortress Zweilous managed to evolve into Hydreigon and mauled a Pincher that was abusing her, turning on the trainers when they tried to intervene, forcing him to chase after her on Helios until she collapsed from her injuries and paralysis. After the Sky Fortress was destroyed, Tagg and the others found out that the Pinchers had been in collusion with Cipher for unknown purposes involving the capture of a number of different mons for Shadowfication.

On the way to Fiore following a brief layover in Kanto, Fool admitted her feelings towards him, which gave Tagg a mini-crisis of sorts as he came to terms with that. Upon reaching Fiore Tagg met up with Tracer again, was the first to fight the Go-Rock Squad, and managed to meet Mezzo and Straw for the first time. He also had a private conversation with Gamer in which he revealed that he was going it alone to stop Ardos. Following a fight at the former Go-Rock Squad base that involved two Go-Rock admins sending hordes of Tyranitar and Metagross at the proto-J-Team, Tagg interrogated the admins, finding out that Gamer had been captured and was being taken to Almia.

In Almia Tagg met Cipher in the flesh for the first time since he was 13, the trainer thirsty for revenge on their actions several years ago. He ended up having to be dragged off of two Peons by the police before he ended up killing them. At the same time he met the Audino that would one day be known as Doc for the first time, the Audino being a Shadow Pokémon that was given to him in a bloodstained Pokeball by one of those very same Peons, who informed him that the Audino had to watch his mother get killed in front of him.

Gold Conference

During the Gold Conference Tagg ended up taking on the likes of Kurt, Lance, Wally, Giovanni, N, and Blue. In the case of Giovanni Tagg was forced to call upon his friends to help defeat his illegally genetically modified Royal Evolutions, Nino and Nina after finding out that his Pokeballs had been tampered with before the fight started. During this time he had all of his active team members meet eachother, and evolved Coulomb using a Thunder Stone. It was also during this time that he first encountered the Sinnoh Cubone Tribes and was forced to undergo a Trial By Bonemerang along with his mons. Upon his 20th birthday Tagg got a gift from Luke, this gift being a Totodile-Torchic chimera he named Limna upon hatching. In the semifinals he fought Luke and managed to win after Hydreigon Outraged her way to victory past Lake and Wooly. For the finals he ended fighting his now girlfriend Fool, the battle ending in a tie after Coulomb and Michelle both fainted.

Following the end of the Gold Conference, Tagg ended up getting a shiny Victini as a gift from Arceus himself, who was revealed to have been truly running the tournament. Afterwards Tagg spent the next couple weeks at DS' villa in the Battle Zone to train Limna, Doc, Thresher, and Victini, save for two visits to Kanto to save Tracer from a Murkrow murder and to visit Kat's old tribe. He also ended up MSTing several badfics and helped Gamer seal Suefisk away. The night before Cyrus attempted to reshape the universe using Shadow Celebi and Primal Dialga, Tagg got a premonition that had him considering suicide right up until Fool managed to stop him. The following morning, he was among those in DS' villa when the universe was changed into the AU.


Like every non-Mind, Tagg ended up losing his memories of the OU and lost Doc, Hydreigon, and Garchomp. He was however the first non-Mind to realize that there was something wrong about their current universe and regained his memories shortly after finding his iPhokex inside his backpack, the Adamant Orb's power saving Helios and Limna from being wiped from existence like Ribbons and Crush by inducing a paradox. Upon realizing this fact and after using the Adamant Orb to restore his mon's memories, Tagg managed to get in contact with Gamer, going by Joshua in this universe, and Tracer before planning the best way to fight back against Scolemis.

Following Nudi dueling Sonny for a second time and winning, as well as revealing that the Kanto and Johto Gym Leaders had been replaced by Zoroark, the ragtag group of would-be freedom fighters headed to PEFE HQ to figure out what was going on, only to be captured by PEFeDOS and forced to do her sadistic tests, where they met up with Silent and Tangent. After the PEFE Founders, Luke, Wolf, and their mons managed to best the evil AI, they used the iPhokex to serve as a replacement AI while things were being fixed, and then split up to cover more ground.

Tagg and Luke ended up heading first to Johto and then to Hoenn, the two capturing all but one of Hoenn's fake Gym Leaders, until they were teleported to the Entralink to meet everyone else by Xatu. After fighting back against Scolemis forces in Unova Tagg, Tracer, Mezzo, Every, and Straw as well as their mons participated in the battle of Cellafron, the conflict being an incredibly nasty affair against the slaver forces of Lanius the Samurott.

After defeating Lanius, Tagg, Tracer, and their mons ended up avoiding a fight by some stragglers goaded by Richard the Zoroark, and participated in the storming of N's Castle and the defeat of Scolipede's Hydreigon, who was mutated into a 50 foot tall monstrosity. Afterwards Tagg and his mons went over to Sinnoh and defeated Neptune in a duel with Tagg using his Sinnoh mons he had the first time they fought. During the fight with Primal Dialga and Shadow Celebi Tagg used the power of the Adamant Orb to prevent the latter from summoning more time doubles of Cyrus's mons, and managed to calm Dialga enough to get him back to normal.

Orange Islands

Following the events of the AU, Tagg was struck hard with PTSD as a result of a combination of his experiences during the battle of Cellafron, the glitches beforehand, envy at the others for seemingly easily going back to their normal lives, and being more or less left to his own devices for about a month. During said month he avoided Kanto like the plague, and even ended up attempting to drown his sorrows at Orre's Outskirt Stand. During this time he also acquired Crochet and Sentinel on a trip to Unova to study Tynamo.

Over the course of his stay in the Orange Islands Tagg was plagued by nightmares and nearly murdered his friends once Nihilist!Tagg took advantage of his mental weakness after Swindle stole Cynical!Tagg. At the same time he ended up doing a Super Mario Sunshine themed adventure which ended with him facing Bowser once again. Tagg also participated in the battle against Lugia to save the Orange Islands near the end of the arc, Crochet's seeming death sending him into enough of a rage to send all his mons to do battle with the legendary. Afterwards, the J-Team team went north to visit New Island and the Sevii, getting into many more misadventures, including Tagg and Tracer trying to teach Nadia and Helios how to hunt, and Crowbar meeting his father in Sevault Canyon.

Hoenn Redux

After an incident on Quest Island that nearly ended up with the island's volcano erupting, Tagg ended up teleporting the J-Team members with him to Hoenn. Things got off to a rocky start when Tagg got into a fight with Wolf regarding the latter's actions in the AU, though they and Tracer managed to come to an agreement of sorts. It was also during this time that Tagg came to learn about a revived Team Magma and Team Aqua, when in Petalburg Woods he encountered Aqua Admin Ryklys for the first time. Surprisingly siding with Team Magma, Tagg tried to stop Team Aqua from flooding a portion of the forest, but Ryklys had Grace teleport everyone to Dewford. This would be the beginning of a rivalry between the two trainers, with many a battle occurring as Tagg continued traveling through the region. While he was in Dewford Tagg ended up joining in the fight against a Giant Tortilla of all things, and he and Tracer ended up fighting Paresse, Tagg fighting him a second time in Rustboro.

Another event Tagg ended up getting involved in was J-Con, in which he and Tracer ended up switching clothes in order to sneak past, as well as having to deal with the negative publicity the J-Team was amassing due to their penchant for indiscriminate destruction. When Crewe's true identity as a Sneasel was revealed, the empathetic backlash from everyone ended up affecting Tagg profusely due to his Aura powers, causing the seal keeping Nihilist!Tagg locked up to be critically weakened. As the only trainer exploring mindscapes to be able to leave at will but stuck as in incorporeal voice due to a mishap, Tagg basically served as mission control for the others, save for in DS' Mindscape when he attacked Punisher!DS with the Thu'um. After dealing with Fool's mindscape, her aspect known as Noir managed to make her way inside Tagg's mindscape, freeing Nihilist!Tagg and transforming him into Nihilist Soul with the extra powers she granted.

After traveling through Tagg's memory vaults and dealing with Cynical!Tagg (Tagg Prime running around gathering other aspects the whole time), Idealist!Tagg and his counterpart helped battle against Noir and Nihilist Soul, though once they got to their final forms the others were stuck in a spot of trouble until two things happened. One was Tracer's mindscape fusing with Tagg's and his anger releasing his Seven Needles and a giant Archen with it. The other was Tagg meeting up again with the others, having fused with all his aspects to become Silver!Tagg, complete with a silver glow caused by his Attribute. With that, both Noir and Nihilist Soul were defeated in short order, the former through prayer, and the latter through getting sealed by Pentigan.

Afterwards Tagg met Umbra and Jeff for the first time, and they ended up going with Gamer to Navel Rock in order to deal with Meme and his branch of the Family of Blood. During the Pokeringer tournament Tagg went to LaRousse City with Tracer and Umbra, the latter two getting Andre and Gilgamesh out of the deal. In Lilycove Artemia hatched, the Panpour immediately attaching to Tagg. He also ended up getting involved when Perfect Aqua happened, and got annoyed that reason wasn't used to solve the problem. While traveling from Mossdeep to Sootopolis Tagg visited the Unown ruins again, where he was given a prophecy about the places he'd be visiting next. At the end of the arc Tagg was among the group who assaulted Team Ozone's airship following Vvyvan's transformation into a Rayquaza, and also ended up fighting Charon and his mechs.

When Tagg was about to get squished, Muddy, Sentinel, and Roc stepped in, as well as three future members of Tagg's team, Pica the Larvitar, Ana, and Bohr, the trio having been close by for most of the arc. Afterwards Charon managed to cause the weather machine to activate the Mt. Pyre Caldera, causing Hoenn to be sent into chaos it and the rest of the country were in danger of blowing up. After Xatu teleported them to a rock sitting in the ocean following his contact with other J-Team members, Tagg was forced to use the Blue Orb to summon Groudon, and flew on Helios in order to escort Groudon to his sleep as the weather trio completed the Volcano Rites.

Following the saving of Hoenn and the entire country from the caldera, Tagg ended up officially catching the trio, and went on a trip to Sinnoh shortly afterwards, feeling strangely compelled to do so.

Infinity Keystone

In Sinnoh Tagg ended up freeing Annoski from his Keystone, who then engaged him and his mons in combat. Tagg managed to get a lucky hit in on Annoski, who angrily retaliated by teleporting behind him and blasting him in the back with a Dark Pulse, leaving a nasty scar and knocking him out. Afterwards Tagg and his mons attempted to make their way back to Twinleaf Town, only to find that Sinnoh was now under Twilight, and most people and mons had been reduced to will o' wisp like spirits, he being rendered invisible to them.

After reaching DS' house and recovering for a few days (Having a brief verbal fight with Umbra and nearly attacking Paresse after meeting him again), Tagg and the rest of the J-Team traveled through Mesprit's domain of Sinnoh in order to recover her Tears that had scattered throughout the region. The last tear was in the clutches of a Giant Armortomb, but through teamwork Tagg and his friends managed to prevail against it and restored Mesprit's power, the legendary rewarding them with the Emblem of Emotion. After a brief interim filled with misadventures, Tagg and co headed over to eastern Sinnoh in order to help Azelf.

Upon reaching Hearthome Tagg's group was ambushed by a number of Armortomb, but were saved thanks to Randy and his mons showing up, though only Legion actually remembered Tagg's party from the AU. After parting ways, the group scoured eastern Sinnoh for Tears before ending up at the Sinnoh Pokémon League, which had gotten taken over by Mattimer and the rest of the Sinnoh branch of the Family of Blood. After managing to defeat the Smeargle, Mattimer managed to piss off Tagg enough with a trick that he summoned Groudon just to take them all away, which he felt bad about immediately. The J-Team was then teleported back to Lake Valor, where Azelf freed eastern Sinnoh of the Twilight and gave our heroes the Emblem of Willpower. After that, Tagg and Amanita ended up putting the soul of an Ursaring to rest and learnt a bit more about Annoski's backstory via Time Tunnels before heading up with everyone up north.

In northern Sinnoh Tagg's group ended up getting ambushed by Infiltratombs on the way to Uxie's cavern in Lake Acuity, forcing Tropius to blow them away with Whirlwind. Upon meeting Uxie, Tagg's group went on yet another Tear hunt through northern Sinnoh and the Battle Zone. While at the Battle Zone, Tagg, Tracer, Hunter, their mons, and others ended up helping out a distrustful Lucario pack and giving them packmates in return for one of the Tears. For the last few Tears Tagg and his friends ended up exploring the legendary Gracidea after being transported there by some Obscura users, and watched as Umbra fought Stantler Mask for the last Tear. With all three Emblems and all Tears collected, Sinnoh was then fully freed from the Twilight.

However, their work wasn't finished yet. After learning Annoski's ultimate fate, Tagg and the rest of the J-Team headed to the Sendoff Spring, Flower Paradise, and Alamos Town in order to place the Emblems in special slots. Upon placing the Emblem of Emotion in the Space-Time Tower and playing Oracion, beams of light came from each Emblem and triangulated over the ruins where Annoski was revived. Tagg used Aura Sense to see Alois use the Adamant Orb in a slot. Tagg did the same, and time was rewound to reveal the same fortress from the Time Tunnels. After fighting the spirits of the Aura Guardians inside the fortress as one final test, Tagg used his mirror in order to activate an Alakagross (Though he didn't know it at the time) holographic globe, which revealed Annoski's location, north of Stark Mountain.

After taking a flight, the group decided to settle down for the night. Tagg decided to go on a little farther where he was confronted by Annoski and given an ultimatum, either go on by himself, or the Wondertombs would kill all his friends. Tagg decided to choose the former over Bohr's objections, and he and his mons decided to head up to the Cathedral by themselves. After reaching the Cathedral, Tagg and Annoski had a discussion over Aura Nexuses, and the battle begun. Tagg fought particularly viciously against Annoski in their second round, even trying to throttle him dead with his bare hands at one point. After using the power of the Nexus to seriously weaken Annoski, he gave the distraction needed for Pentigan to reveal the location of his Keystone, and Serge and Plumps managed to destroy it soon after.

Post-Annoski's defeat, Tagg ended up taking Fool to his special spot, met Fortis for the first time in Sunnyshore, briefly visited Johto, and then traveled to Unova in order to use the Entralink to head to PMD-A.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Returns

Upon reaching Treasure Town, Tagg and his mons made an Exploration Team by the name of Team Taxonomy, and ended up doing various missions under the Wigglytuff Guild. One such mission had them taking on a psychopathic Froslass and Vanilluxe duo along with DS and her mons, and another had them visiting a volcano. Following a meetup with Lake, Stratus, and some of Tracer's mons, they ended up being teleported by shard over to PMD-B. After a disastrous landing in the ocean, they ended up heading over to The Verde, where they learnt about the Seven Jerk Dragons turning all of humanity into mons, and Alduin's part in it. Upon visiting the ruins of his old house, Tagg used psychometry on his mother's necklace in order to see a dragon attack, and managed to find an old holotape in the basement.

It was this holotape that led him to go on a journey across Kanto-B, visiting the ruins of Celadon, now known as Octopolis, and having to venture into the underground in order to get some iPhokex parts, among many other tasks. However, due to Celadon having such bad memories for him due to the Battle of Cellafron, Cobalt and Xatu altered his mind so that he couldn't put things together, and once he did Tagg Hammer Arm'd Cobalt for messing with his mind. At one point they had to go to Lavender and Tagg lost his Silph Scope after they were chased out by the locals, forcing them to negotiate to get it back.

Eventually, their travels lead them to the former PEFE HQ, where Tagg's attempts to get his holotape read and the group's attempt to get PEFE HQ working again lead to PEFeDOS being revived. The AI, pleased with the large amount of subjects she'd managed to amass, decided to have Tagg's group undergo more tests starting on his 21st birthday, Tagg using Straw's Pokémon to human armband in order to properly use his Portal Gun. After meeting an AI by the name of Cornn and managing to dislodge PEFeDOS from her module, only for him to betray the group and sent them all to the bowels. Along the way, Tagg's group ran into terminals where they learnt more about AU!Tagg's attempts to liberate the region from the dragons. Eventually the groups met back up, and Pica managed to evolve into a Pupitar out of pure rage during the resulting battle with Cornn, which ended when portals were used to send him into space by shooting one at the Moon. After making a truce with PEFeDOS and undergoing a Trial by Bonemerang, Tagg listened to the final holotape recording, where his counterpart revealed that some humans had managed to survive the apocalypse using Vaults, which the Brotherhood had kept secret and had even lied about in order to keep them safe. With that in mind, Tagg and his group decided to head over to Angela in order to find the Brotherhood AU!Tagg had founded, as well as the last humans.

Once in Angela, Tagg and company met up with the Vault Dweller, who wished to find a water chip in order to save his home from destruction, and started traveling the wastes, meeting up with Tracer, his mons, and Wolf and Alastor's AU counterparts. It was during their travels they ran into the Unity, which wished to turn all humans and mons into Super Mutants. They also managed to recover the Adamant Orb of PMD-B for Alastor and Wolf to obtain. Following the Unity's defeat, Tagg and Cobalt revealed that they'd known Tracer had been mind-switched with the Emperor Archeops of the Empire of the Ancients all along, and they immediately headed to Almer in order to rescue their friend.

However, due to shenanigans they were sent to Sinnoh first, where Wolf breathed his last before being being buried by Tagg following his message to the past, and had to deal with some marauders before reaching their destination. Once in Almer, the group ended up having the Emperor and Moogle stolen from them by Empire forces, and then had a brief three way skirmish involving them, the Empire, and two nobles trying to assassinate the Emperor while he was still in Tracer's body. Thanks to Xatu and the power of the Shards, the two were switched back, and then the Emperor and his noble assassins were sent over to the universe of Kaijumons.

Following that, the now reunited researchers and their mons beat a quick getaway via shard back to PMD-A. Sometime after managing to reassemble the Space-Time Orb and damaging the Entralink in their final battle, they were sent back to Unova in the wake of a massive storm, before making their way back to Kanjoh.


Kanjoh-2 for Tagg was mostly uneventful as he mostly followed DS on her journey to collect the Badges of the Indigo League, though during the beginning of 2013 he was in PEFE HQ during the mass blackout caused by the incursions of alternate PEFE HQs and a Pokefutures from the universe where they didn't end up getting taken down by the Founders.



Return to Orre




Re: Glitch

Tagg in Other Universes

In the AU

Within the AU Tagg's life proceeded mostly the same way, except that he was present for the flooding of Hoenn and the Distortion, and that he had never caught Garchomp, Hydreigon, or Doc. Post-AU Arc, he obtained a shiny Eevee that later became a Leafeon from a trade, Chilliwack.


In the AU branch which became PMD-B, Tagg was struck hard following AU!DS' murder/mercy kill, and ended up being separated from the rest of the group with his mons after the dragons attacked the Sinnoh Cubone tribe, leaving them marooned in Angela. Tagg ended up founding the Brotherhood of Steel with his mons in Angela following a guerrilla war and a climactic showdown with the leader of Angela's draconic forces. In that timeline Tagg died in his 90s entombed with the Adamant Orb after fending off a raider invasion. One of his descendants was High Elder during the events of PMD-R, and proved to be a major help to Tagg's group during their adventures in Angela.

In the Other Verse

In the Another Universe Tagg became leader of the PEFE, though this incarnation is closer to what it was pre-Pokefutures than the OU or AU incarnations. He ended up being led to the Entralink and joining up with Other!Tangent on his own search for Other!Tracer.

Platinum!Tagg Verse

In this universe Tagg ended up taking DS' place as the hero of Sinnoh. He ended up joining with Other!Tracer as he explored PMD-B Unova.


Aside from general Trainer items:

  • A human to Pokémon armband
  • The Adamant Orb (Currently outside of his possession)
  • A Blue Orb.
  • Rainbow and Silver Wings.
  • A Lunar Wing.
  • A light clicker to produce flash patterns.
  • Smelling salt.
  • A small dagger (though it's sturdy enough to double as a utility knife) used for cooking and self-defense.
  • Pester Balls.
  • A laptop with a built-in connection to Tagg's Boxes, allowing him to do team switching on the fly.
  • Leavanny suit that doubles as both camouflage and body armor.
  • The iPhokex
  • A Palkia-enchanted backpack with infinite volume
  • A PEFEdex
  • An E-tool that also doubles as a self-defense weapon
  • A Mudkip-print scarf
  • A rainbow scarf (Which he prefers to forget about.)
  • A breath mask
  • The Reflector Infinity Judge.
  • A Swampert pewter pendant hollowed out to contain a Key Stone.
  • A Key Stone attached to a wristband.
  • An identification book for Mega Stones.
  • Mega Stones:
  • The Auric Meteor Throwing Axe.
  • A Z-Ring.
    • Elemental Z-Crystals gained through the trials.
    • Deciduium-Z.
  • A silver pocket watch gifted to him by Channah.
  • A Dialga-themed phone case gifted to him by Channah.
  • A Swampert-themed clay statue gifted to him by Channah.

Battle Strategy

With Mons

Tagg's training style is mainly based on versatility and using moves in unorthodox ways, and has been honed since the age of 10, with pretty much all of his mons being capable of fighting skillfully with or without their trainer. His philosophy can be best described as making abilities "enhancements, not crutches", and tries to stress not getting too complacent in any aspect of combat. One of Tagg's favorite tricks is to take advantage of the tendency trainers have to make their mons attack head on, allowing his mons to get hit in order to get them in close range to beat the crap out of an opponent.

Without Mons

While as a trainer Tagg rarely gets his own hands dirty, and tends to go for diplomacy when he can and a Terrifying Presence when he can't, when he does have to fight personally Tagg can prove to be a quite vicious opponent. Against human opponents he tends to fight very dirty, aiming for groins and eyes, beating them with anything at his disposal, and often finishing them off with a stomp to the face. Tagg's weapon of choice is a dagger, though if he needs something heavier he can use a sharpened e-tool capable of killing someone with a single blow to the head. His already quick reflexes can also be heightened with Aura, allowing him to block and dodge blows faster than any normal human.

Against supernatural opponents, however, Tagg unleashes his full Auric skill. As probably the single most skilled human Auric on the J-Team in combat, Tagg has mastered form manipulation using his dagger, with his preferred form of choice being that of a sword. However, he is currently incapable of creating weapons without using a medium, with the exception of his Aura chains. Said chains can sprout from anywhere on his body and behave as appendages, often holding enemies in place so that Tagg can stab them. He can also use well known Auric techniques such as Aura Sphere (About three times a day), Force Palm, and Foresight. Tagg is also capable of charging pebbles with Aura and then shooting them at people, and has figured out a way to pour Aura through his feet so that he can increase his jumping height, in a sort of reverse Force Palm.

However, Tagg's best weapon is actually his mind, due to his ability to adapt to situations on the fly and react accordingly, as well as his ability to do more with less.

Known Techniques (As a Swampert)

  • TypeFighting.gif Brick Break, Hammer Arm
  • TypeGround.gif Earthquake, Mud Slap
  • TypeNormal.gif Foresight, Protect, Tackle
  • TypeWater.gif Muddy Water, Surf, Waterfall, Water Gun


  • Assisted in taking down Pokefutures Inc with the other PEFE Founders, wrecking Angela's economy in the process.
  • Became Champion of the Kanjoh, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova Leagues over the course of ten years.
  • Punched Ghetsis in the face.
  • Defeated the likes of Lance, N, and Blue over the course of the Gold Conference.
  • Tied with Fool during the GC.
  • Punched Cyrus in the face.
  • Became Orange League Champion.
  • Assisted in Annoski's defeat.
  • Personally slew Vicious.
  • Talked the Master to death in tandem with the Vault Dweller.
  • Assisted in the defeat of the Lieutenant.
  • Assisted in the defeat of the Spider Queen, Crimson Helm, Orochi, and Blight.
  • Killed Ninetails.
  • Assisted in the defeat of Lechku and Nechku, as well as Yami.
  • Helped defeat Penumbra.
  • Defeated Tokarev.
  • Became Champion of the Kalos League.
  • Assisted in taking down the Flickering Thing.
  • Became Champion of the Alola League.
  • Assisted in battling The Fanatic.
  • Became Champion of the Galar League.
  • Successfully convinced Galar's legendaries to join the Legendary Council.


  • Tagg is currently dating Fool.
  • Tagg considers Tracer to be the closest thing he's had to a best friend.
  • Tagg and Wolf have butted heads in the past, but have buried the hatchet between eachother.
  • Umbra used to have a grudge towards Tagg after nearly getting killed by the giant Whiscash, but following the events of the IK arc they became friends.
  • Ever has become Tagg's first apprentice.
  • Tagg is very close friends with DS. Both have admitted an attraction towards one another, but mutually agreed not to act upon on it.
  • Tagg and Herbert had a mutual dislike of each other due to the former being a PEFE researcher, and the latter accusing Tagg of being a Pokémon abuser, leading him to attempt to throttle Herbert with a giant Aura hand. During their time in Ransei the two have started to get slightly friendlier with one another however, only for Tagg's actions in Orre to derail things and return them to square one. However, following Tagg assisting in his and Alice's revival, they've managed to reconcile somewhat.
  • Despite his hatred for most of the fanbase, Tagg is good friends with Maggie and even made er his PEFE intern. He's admitted that he views er as something akin to a younger sibling.
  • Sam and Tagg don't know eachother well, but are on good terms.
  • Tagg is currently rivals/kinda sorta friends with Ryklys. It is known that in at least one universe they managed to have a child together.
  • Tagg sees Tangent and Silent as basically his senpais.
  • Tagg is friends with Carol and is aware that she looks up to him, but finds that fact extremely disconcerting considering his past.
  • As for the other Carol, their first meeting as children didn't go very well due to her mistaking his invitation to "ride his Salamence" as an innuendo. The two didn't cross paths until late 2013, when she ended up traveling with Tracer to Holon and ended up getting trapped in a Cipher raid. While the event pretty much convinced her that both Tagg and Tracer were insane, they parted on far more amicable terms and would probably be considered friends.
  • Crewe is someone else he considers to be like a younger sister to him.
  • Tagg and Mezzo have clashed many times, the latest instance being after she learnt about his slaughter of Cipher Peons.
  • Tagg dislikes Constantin for constantly trying to ruin his relationship with Fool and his racism, which only increased once he ending up forming Neo-Flare, so the two have a sustained enmity.
  • As a Soul of Silver Tagg is a chosen of all legendaries aligned with the Attribute, though he's closest to Dialga and Groudon in particular.
  • Tagg does try to watch over Psyche as per Aiura's request, though he's had issues on that front.
  • Ann is his younger sister.
  • Despite being opposed for most of Ranger-2, following the arc he and Echo have fallen into a rather odd friendship based on similar interests and the latter enjoying trolling him. That said, Tagg to some extent actually likes the teasing since Echo's one of the few people that treats him like a normal person as opposed to either a mentor figure or the J-Team leader.
  • Due to spending time among one another he and Channah have become friends and he's developed a bit of a crush on her, which has given him a bit of mental grief as he stumbles his way through figuring out polyamory. They are currently dating.
  • Tagg inadvertently saved Chiyo from Templars in 2001 and the two ended up becoming friends after meeting again more than 20 years later. Their relationship is close, but complicated due to issues describing just how they feel about one another.
  • The Freshman Class Iridium is derived from both his and Chiyo's DNA, so he thinks of her as a daughter. She has entered an apprenticeship with him, but is as of this writing unaware of their direct relation.

Pokémon - OU

Kanto Pokémon


Johto Pokémon


Hoenn Pokémon


Sinnoh Pokémon


Unova Pokémon


Ranger Regions + Gold Conference Pokémon


Post AU + OI Pokémon


Hoenn 2011 Pokémon


Kanjoh-2 Pokémon


Unova-2 Pokémon


Kalos Pokémon


Ranger-2 Pokémon


Alola Pokémon


Entralink Pokémon


Galar Pokémon


Paldea Pokémon




Pokémon - AU

This section only lists Pokémon unique to or otherwise first introduced in this universe.


Pokémon - Other!Verse

This section only lists Pokémon unique to or otherwise first introduced in this universe.



Tagg at around 10 years old
Tagg in his Kingfish guise with Azumi-no-isora, by Silence.
Tagg with Rakshasa as a Kubfu and Pugh as a Clobbopus, by Daydre.


  • Tagg was the oldest PC in the early RP until the Gold Conference (beating Luke and DS by a few months).
  • Tagg happens to be left handed, a trait shared with Mezzo, Sakura, and Fletcha.
  • Out of the three trainers his exact age (DS, Luke, and himself), Tagg was the only one to start his journey at 10, making him the most experienced out of the three. (Though Luke had his starter for the same amount of time.)
  • While more of a biologist by trade, Tagg does appear to have a sense of engineering and how to make explosives.
  • Every Pokémon in Tagg's team can use Protect.
  • Up until Orre, Tagg was the only trainer to have actively dealt with guns pointed at his face.
  • Tagg has a fear of Whitney's Miltank after having his whole team demolished by it.
  • Tagg appears to have a built in aversion to fame, partially due to not wanting to have a bullseye painted on his back for the numerous enemies he's made over the years.
  • Tagg once rented a place in Hoenn to stay during his teenage years, though he prefers his Secret Base.
  • Both Tagg and Wolf became Champions at 10, the youngest out of any of the PCs currently.
  • Tagg was the first member of the J-Team to evolve as a Pokemon.
  • As a result of his research into the Chinchou Line, Tagg is one of the few humans capable of understanding flash patterns.
  • Tagg has in his possession the most legendary items out of any J-Team member.
  • Tagg happens to suffer from PTSD as a result of the AU, though it is likely that he had it even from before as a result of his run-in with Cipher.
  • While not to the level of Fortis or Diane, Tagg appears to really love high places, and can often be found napping in trees.
  • Tagg is a licensed scuba diver.
  • Like his writer, Tagg has Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Tagg tends to pace a lot while waiting for something and also tends to chuckle to himself at things he finds funny.
  • Tagg's Swampert form keeps the mole on the left side of his face.

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