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The Scythermen are half-man, half Scyther hybrids created by Pokefutures Inc. who inhabit the lowermost levels of PEFE HQ, who were first encountered by the J-Team during the PEFE Arc. Extremely violent and dangerous, as well as too numerous to safely dislodge, the researchers decided to mostly leave them alone because they were luckily too territorial to bother expanding further.


The Scythermen were the originally the brainchild of David Ambrose back when he worked for Pokefutures, having created them on a drunken lark but having the higher-ups take interest, and taking a special interest in Mia, as she was one of the few that wasn't little more than a beast working solely on instinct. Once Pokefutures went defunct in 2008, however, the Scythermen started holing up in what would later be known as the PEFE Underground, occasionally going up to the lower levels of the dome where PEFE!Every had to deal with them.

Over the following years, they slowly regained their lost sapience and started forming a civilization, if still retaining a lot of their territoriality.


The Scythermen ended up being transformed into regular Scyther due to the Mon Bombs hitting PEFE HQ turning them into 100% mons.

Known Scythermen


  • The Scythermen are based on the mantis men mentioned by Cave Johnson in Portal 2.


Tangent - Tagg - Tracer - Silent

Other Researchers and Interns:

Anom - Jane - Every (PEFE) - Luke - Pentigan - Umbramatic - Gene - Jeff - Diane - Maggie - The Seven - Hikari - Jacob - Dr. al-Cygni - Professor Banana - Mendel - Echo

Non-Researcher Personnel:

Priscilla - Sterling


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