PEFE Island

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General layout of PEFE Island by Tangent. (PEFE HQ dome in grey, beach in yellow, jungle in green, and rocky outcroppings as small grey spheres.)

PEFE Island is an island within the Sea of Kyogre and the location of PEFE HQ after its acquisition from Pokefutures Inc. It has fields that interfere with satellite surveillance, and the Psychic types on the island emit a field that causes humans to ignore the island, and causes those who have visited to be unable to tell its exact location to others. On top of its status as a Mirage Spot, this makes it so that only those who already know about the island can bring others there in most cases.



PEFE Island is mostly covered in thick forests outside the dome of PEFE HQ.


Tangent - Tagg - Tracer - Silent

Other Researchers and Interns:

Anom - Jane - Every (PEFE) - Luke - Pentigan - Umbramatic - Gene - Jeff - Diane - Maggie - The Seven - Hikari - Jacob - Mendel - Echo


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